Realizing the Value of Unified IT Management – Calculate the Cost Savings

VSA ROI Calculator

For years, Kaseya has helped small and midsize enterprises manage their IT infrastructure more efficiently. But, the IT landscape keeps getting more and more complex, with increasing numbers of endpoints, regulatory compliance concerns, and a wide range of security requirements.

To address this complexity and offer streamlined IT for enterprises, Kaseya provides a Unified IT Management solution. It helps IT teams manage and secure their IT infrastructure from a single platform. This unified approach enables end-to-end visibility into the IT landscape, reduces the time spent on common IT tasks, improves security and minimizes system downtime.

VSA by Kaseya is the core of our Unified IT Management solution, providing endpoint and network management. VSA increases the efficiency and agility of IT teams by automating IT processes and enabling remote control of all of your endpoints to quickly resolve technical issues. With VSA, you can reduce risk and free up budget and resources that can then be deployed for more strategic initiatives in the organization.

How exactly do you reduce risk and free up IT budget and resources?

1.By eliminating disparate tools and utilizing a single IT management platform

The problems with disparate point tools have been discussed quite a few times in our blogs. Point solutions have different interfaces – increasing the learning curve for new technicians, may have integration issues, and can incur heavy licensing costs.

Having a single, centralized platform rather than having multiple tools, is cost-effective, eases the learning curve, and is more scalable, better meeting the needs of a growing enterprise.

2. By increasing security

According to this 2018 Cost of a Breach report by Ponemon Institute, in 2018, the average total cost of a breach was $3.86 million and the average cost per stolen record was $148. Wonder how could this have been avoided? With a simple security patch. The same report states that by focusing on patching, the likelihood of a breach goes down by 41 percent. The reason is that a vast majority of breaches take advantage of known software vulnerabilities for which a patch has been available for some time — usually, weeks or months before the breach occurs.

VSA provides automated software patch management with real-time visibility of the patch status of your systems, including on- and off-network devices. It lets you easily install, uninstall, update, repair, and make other changes from a single console. The bird’s eye view of your entire environment by VSA makes it easy to keep your systems up-to-date and secure.

3. By automating IT processes and using remote control

Automating complex procedures, such as patch management and application deployment, can reduce operational costs, cut down manual errors, save time and eliminate security risks. Automating repeatable tasks also frees up resources which can then be deployed to work on other business activities. The more you automate, the more you can focus IT resources on other strategic initiatives.

The remote access and Live Connect features of VSA enables IT professionals to remotely troubleshoot issues and manage systems regardless of their location, without hindering the productivity of the end-user. This helps reduce system downtime and improves end-user satisfaction.

How much can you actually save with Unified IT Management?

With all things said about VSA by Kaseya, are you wondering how much you’d actually save?

Join our webinar Free Up Hidden IT Budget – Calculate Your Cost Savings to learn how Unified IT Management delivers real return on investment (ROI) and other benefits to your organization.

Divyarthini is a marketing professional with over 4 years of experience in the IT industry including 3 years of experience in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Email Marketing.
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