Leverage Unified IT Management to Reduce IT Spending

ROI Unified IT Management

Do you need to step back and take a look at how your business is faring? Is your IT team contributing enough to the growth of the business?

All too often, midsize companies struggle with tight IT budgets and IT teams spend most of their time “keeping the lights on” instead of working on strategic business growth initiatives.

Company A, a midsize organization, has an IT team which constitutes about 1% of the total employees. With a minimal IT budget, the IT leaders of company A are expected to run IT operations and increase the productivity of the company by driving innovation.

Company A faces many challenges in running IT operations efficiently. It uses more than 10 applications to manage the various aspects of IT like network monitoring, securing systems, documenting IT assets and procedures, running inventory audits, maintaining regulatory compliance and helpdesk ticketing.

Integrating and maintaining these point solutions is causing major headaches to the company. The IT team now spends about 70 percent of its budget on keeping the lights on (including managing the siloed applications). Only about 10 percent of the budget is spent on the company’s strategic initiatives.

What can the IT team do to contribute more to the growth and success of the business?

It can leverage Unified IT Management to improve productivity and reduce IT spending. Unified IT Management brings together a single integrated platform for network and endpoint monitoring, helpdesk and incident management, security, configuration management and compliance.

Unified IT Management enables IT teams to save time and costs by using remote access and automating IT processes. It allows you to:

  • Monitor the entire IT infrastructure from a single console
  • Automate repeatable tasks such as patching and security software management
  • Reduce time spent on putting IT documentation together
  • Quickly resolve incidents from a single UI

Company A now has reduced IT complexity and streamlined IT operations.

The time which the company used to spend on the various tasks like Physical Inventory and Audit, Patch Management, Security Management and Configuration Management is now spent on business growth activities such as data mining, business analysis, and digital transformation initiatives like modernizing IT architecture and implementing cloud adoption.

Calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of Unified IT Management

Kaseya provides a Unified IT Management platform which integrates Kaseya VSA – an endpoint and network management solution, Kaseya Vorex – the service desk software and Kaseya IT Glue – IT documentation and configuration management software.

To calculate the return on investment (ROI) of implementing a Unified IT Management solution, we have built a calculator for you. You can input the IT details of your organization – which includes employee details, the percentage of time spent on IT tasks and the various costs involved. Upon entering valid data, you’ll be provided with the cost saving analysis details and the benefits associated with Unified IT Management.

Here’s an example of the inputs and outputs to the ROI Calculator for Company A:


Figure 1: Example Inputs to the ROI Calculator


Figure 2: Example Output from the ROI Calculator showing 559% ROI

Contact Us to speak with a representative who can help you use the ROI calculator for your specific scenario.

Posted by John Emmitt
John Emmitt has more than 15 years of high technology marketing experience, including more than 10 years in the IT Management software market. John was the manager of the enterprise product marketing team at Flexera, an IT management software and SaaS company serving the Global 2000. At Kaseya, John focuses on marketing our core IT Management products to mid-market enterprises. John holds BSEE and MSCS degrees.
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