Top 11 Out of the Box Automation Ideas with VSA

Top 11 Automation Out of the Box with VSA

IT technicians work long hours to clear up service tickets every day, which is an absolute feat. Can IT automation be the answer to “all” their woes? No, but it will help them be more efficient and be able to focus on other IT management tasks.

The need for automation is at an all time high because time has become a precious entity for technicians. Customer satisfaction rates suffer due to the time it takes to successfully close a ticket.

Given the large number of tasks and fewer resources at the IT team’s disposal, automation is their best chance to avoid an endless cycle of crisis management. It can also free up time to work on strategic projects that actually move the needle on digital transformation and innovation.

Think Outside the Box

With Kaseya VSA, many automation capabilities come ready to deploy right out of the box. You will see an immediate improvement in your work environment from saving time to improving efficiency to increasing system reliability with little or no configuration work.

Here is a sneak peek of the top 11 out of the box automation ideas you can implement with VSA.

1. Manage and Monitor Bitlocker

We have a series of scripts and reports, which allow you to manage bitlocker information for each agent. The reporting for bitlocker can be accessed with the Security Audit Report (Built by Kaseya).

2. Track Stolen Endpoints

Stolen endpoints?  This doesn’t mean it’s gone. We have an essential list of scripts and approaches that utilize the Kaseya VSA to locate and track information from stolen endpoints. A must have in every VSA system! 

3. Server Monitoring and Automation Pack

We love our clients! We have monthly events where we present technical training and empower you with advanced IT automation. Below is a script pack, which was discussed during our local events – with all the documentation.

4. User Profile Clean-up

Incorporating free third-party tools, we have a script which allows an automated clean-up of stale profiles within your systems. So, no more piling up of obsolete profiles.

5. Uninstall Windows Updates

This Agent Procedure will uninstall a Microsoft Windows update using a Powershell script. The procedure will prompt you for the KB# and will automate the rest, which is essential for every VSA system.

6. SMART Disk Check 2.0

Take your automated maintenance to the next level with a SMART Disk check.

7. Microsoft Office 365 Installer

Need to deploy Office 365 to multiple endpoints? There is no better way to do it silently without interrupting the user! Check the script below:

8. Windows Firewall Management

Enabling or Disabling Windows Firewall will be necessary at some point. This script allows you to not only enable or disable the firewall, but also update your system with the status of the firewall for reporting and automation purposes. 

9. Local User Management

A suite of scripts, which empower you to create and delete users on your Windows endpoints. 

10. Windirstat Installer

Need to find the largest files on a hard drive quickly? You have plenty of options with our script editor! The script below deploys and installs a program to provide you the information.

11. Control Panel

Control what your users have access to and create standardization. The script below will disable control panel silently to avoid any unwanted changes.

And many more!

We wouldn’t be lying if we said this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to VSA and its automation capabilities. At Kaseya, we take our customers very seriously and every improved product rollout is a proof of our commitment. We strive to be better to serve you better. With the same principles we came up with Kaseya Automation Exchange which helps you achieve increased reliability, availability, productivity, performance, and reduced cost. This is Kaseya’s marketplace for sharing, buying, and selling Agent Procedures, Monitor Sets, Reports, Templates, and other types of automation for Kaseya’s products. You can join the community, here.

If you are an IT Technician looking for a fast way to add automation to your workflows, check out the Automation Exchange. Register for a free VSA demo here. Also, if you want to know more about combining monitoring and automation to increase IT efficiencies, watch our on-demand webinar here.

Posted by Oscar Romero

Oscar began his career at Kaseya eight years ago as a support engineer. Between then and now, Oscar was the managing engineer at a Service Provider which pushes the levels of automation to the highest capacities. Experienced in both the business technical side of endpoint and network management, Oscar returned to Kaseya to serve in Product Management to provide our partners and users with the best experience from a product and service perspective.

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