Cytracom Trades Up to Kaseya BMS

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Support is a tough job. You tend to people who are stuck in a situation and expect you to wave a magic wand and get them out of it. Some even go to the extent of venting their frustrations onto the technician, whether it is related to the problem at hand or not, which is not a pleasant countenance after all.   

Furthermore– ask any support technician about their worst fear and they would point out ticket backlogs as the uppermost in their minds. Not the best way to start the day when there are numerous tickets to get through. Which begs the question — Do you have trouble catching up on tickets for support calls? Do you feel there is never enough time to complete your admin work, and all your ticket history, notes, and conversations are incomplete along with the work performed? If you answer yes to any of the above-mentioned questions – fear no more. You are not alone or utterly helpless.

Kaseya BMS 

Kaseya Business Management Solution (BMS) is a next-generation business management solution built specifically to help MSPs spend more time selling and delivering services, and less time on non-revenue-generating tasks like billing and project management. The platform integrates a number of capabilities into a single application, including CRM, service desk, billing and back-end finance, project management and inventory management.

BMS Meets Cytracom

Cytracom is a channel-only unified communications provider focused on making it simple for MSPs to sell and support voice services. Cytracom’s platform delivers a wide range of advanced voice features, plus mobile, desktop and Office365 integration, fax, voicemail transcription and more.

Driven by a shared vision of helping MSPs focus on their customers and increase efficiency, BMS and Cytracom have joined forces. The integration between BMS and Cytracom empowers MSPs to access rich call data within the native platform while supporting end users. When working together in perfect synergy, they give MSPs an opportunity to further streamline IT support to deliver higher quality services with higher customer satisfaction.

Powerful Voice Integration for Professional Services Automation Users

Cytracom provides BMS with a fast lane to ticket resolution, at no additional charge. Technicians are leveraging the cross-platform integration to dial customers directly from existing tickets and the features include call recording and detailed ticket call logs as well. Support is no longer the painful task it used to be with a little help from Cytracom. Here are some interesting features the integration offers to step up your support game.

  • Displays incoming calls matched against company contact, showing recent tickets and one-click ticket creation.

No longer will your technicians have to run around clueless when the support call beeps. The moment your hotline rings, the Call-to-Ticket functionality invokes the VoIP integration and the caller is then matched to your BMS contacts. Your technicians immediately know who is calling and can give them a personalized welcome. 

Apart from setting the tone right from the very “Hello,” this approach saves time lost in looking for the relevant information and makes room for a more efficient process. Going forward, the captured information can be used to auto-populate the fields when your technicians are trying to create a support ticket.

BMS Service Desk Ticket System
BMS Service Desk Ticket System
  • Your engineers can create a ticket straight from the call in one click. As most of the information field such as company name, contact name, etc. is pre-filled, they can focus on taking down other important notes, which is relevant to solving the ticket.
  • Going forward, if you need additional information while working on the ticket, you can call customers directly from a ticket at the click of a button.
BMS Service Desk Ticket Viewer
BMS Service Desk Ticket Viewer


When there are many tickets to get through, you need all the help you can get. The union between BMS and Cytracom helps to kick the pace up a notch and attend more tickets in the same time frame. After all, who doesn’t like speedy service? Your technicians get the customer information up front and route tickets directly to the right team. The result? Better experience for the customer and higher revenue for the MSPs with much less likelihood of customer churns. So make your support work better from today onward and measure the success with skyrocketing customer ratings. For a free demo, click here.

Posted by Rachael Walker
Rachael brings over eight years of experience in the marketing space, focusing on technology.  She has focused her career on marketing in the technology and software sectors because she believes that the impact digital solutions have on our lives—as consumers, and as businesses, is shaping and redefining how we connect with one another and engage in the world around us. Keeping pace with the latest marketing trends as well as the latest advancements in technology solutions motivates her to stay focused and be creative every day.
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