Roll the Dice and Discover Your Sysadmin Powers

People playing a board game

Sysadmin day is round the corner and we are as excited as you are. A day of appreciation for our heroes who keep the IT mechanism up and running to maximum horsepower. That being said, let’s take a break from the usual Sysadmin matter and do something out of the box. Let’s move away from laptops, desktops, wires and servers and go back to doing something we did before the dawn of internet. Let’s turn back to ‘Board Games’.

How to play

  • The user gets to choose his/her class (Master of Tech, Bard of Business, Protector of the Realm, or HelpDesk Wizard).
  • Each class has additional attributes that will affect their roll results (Intelligence, Charisma, Strength and Wisdom).
  • Roll the dice to see your result.
  • Click on the result to add a point to your cumulative score.
  • Continue playing until you have enough points to defeat the Mind Flayer.
  • Unlock the form to claim your prize.

What you can win

Join us this Sysadmin day in our “Stranger Things in IT” contest. To celebrate YOU, we will be conducting giveaways that you will love! The first 1000 entrants get a sticker pack and a t-shirt and you will also be offered entry into a lucky draw where five lucky winners will take home an 80s’ time capsules which holds a curated collection of fun items valued over $500, that is bound to give you a rush of 80s nostalgia. It doesn’t get better than this.

Sign up for the contest here.

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