One Sysadmin Can Change Everything

1980s Nerdy Computer Sysadmin

Sysadmins may be the most under valued professionals in the IT industry just like Erica, Lucas’s sister in Stranger Things. Even when they play the most crucial role in companies keeping IT infrastructure secure, fighting tech fires and preventing disasters to keep the business running smoothly and safely.

Sysadmins are the Ericas we didn’t know we needed. This Sysadmin Appreciation Day, we bring a complete solution for sysadmins that helps them tackle all their IT challenges including the ones as big as Mind Flayers and as small as Demodogs. 

The Challenges Sysadmins Frequently Face: 

  • Disparate and disjointed systems leading to inefficiency – Single point solutions, though laser-focused in their functionality, are inefficient overall when required to scale operations. They do not offer seamless integrations, are not flexible, and can be very costly. According to the 2018 Kaseya IT Operations Survey, 81 percent of IT service providers consider remote monitoring and management (RMM), professional services automation (PSA), and IT documentation as the most important applications to run their business. For internal IT teams, the equivalent set of tools would be endpoint management and network monitoring, helpdesk and configuration management solutions. The seamless integration of these applications makes IT admins’ work easier and more productive. 
  • The ticking clock – representing lack of time – Constant firefighting of issues keeps sysadmins on their toes for the entire day. They hardly have time to focus on strategic business initiatives. As per the 2018 Global MSP Benchmark Report by IT Glue, about 66 percent of IT service providers find ‘lack of time’ as the most pressing concern.
  • Difficulty finding relevant information – An employee spends an average of 2.5 hours a day searching for information. Sysadmins need asset information at their fingertips, whether it’s for resolving a service ticket or updating an operating system. The inability to find and retrieve documentation costs organizations that employ 1000 workers $ 25 million per year. 

How Kaseya can help?

Kaseya’s Omni IT solution integrates endpoint management, network monitoring, service desk, knowledge and configuration management to simplify IT management for sysadmins. Add in backup and disaster recovery, compliance management, and security, you get Kaseya IT Complete. 

A complete solution with seamless workflows across tools, Kaseya IT Complete gives you the power to navigate between solutions and get work done quickly and efficiently. 

IT Complete Architecture
Figure 1: IT Complete Architecture

Kaseya IT Complete is the “Eleven” for your companies. It has:

  • A cohesive remote monitoring and management, professional services automation and IT documentation solution – the most essential IT functions, in a single pane of glass.  
  • Multiple work streams and paths – This provides sysadmins the freedom to navigate across the functions – such as getting asset information from IT Glue (IT documentation) to remediate issues in BMS / Vorex (Service Desk) or accessing remote systems with Live Connect, a feature of Kaseya VSA. This allows for maximized efficiency of the sysadmins, saving a lot of their time. 
  • Enhanced security and compliance – to keep out all the monsters and Demogorgons  with the integration of Kaseya Unified Backup (backup and disaster recovery), AuthAnvil (multi-factor authentication), ID Agent (dark-web monitoring) and Kaseya Compliance Manager (compliance automation). A comprehensive solution for all your security and compliance needs. 

With Kaseya IT Complete, a sysadmin can act across disciplines with ease and change the entire IT management experience for increased productivity and efficiency.  

Be the Erica of your team, and along with Eleven, change the way your sysadmins work. 

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