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The IT Upside Down can be a terrifying place to be in. Dealing with Demogorgon-sized security breaches and Mind Flayer layered compliance regulations, sysadmins are constantly on their toes without a moment’s respite once they step into the office. Sometimes, they are plagued by these monsters when they are trying to have a good night’s sleep — their phones ringing and laptops buzzing with ticket updates.

Leverage Automation to Maximize Security and to Ease the Sysadmin’s Burden 

For sysadmins to truly be productive and to be able to add value to their work, they need to automate their entire security operations. 

  • Software Deployment – Automating deployment of software increases a company’s security posture. It ensures that any change made to a script is deployed on all servers across the organization on schedule. It makes it easier for sysadmins to manage vulnerabilities quickly without having to manually reboot servers. 
  • Patch Management – Automated patch management includes monitoring, alerting, prioritizing, deploying, testing and reporting of all patches. This ensures that vulnerabilities are fixed on time without requiring manual intervention from a sysadmin, saving loads of time and effort.

Schedule scans and analysis of your entire network on a regular basis to automate updates and patches with Kaseya VSA.

  • Compliance Regulations – Failure to comply can result in losing opportunities as well as incurring legal and financial penalties. Automating compliance regulations enforces security of data and thus leaving no room for error.

Perform automated assessment, risk analysis, network scanning and generate regulation approved documentation with Kaseya Compliance Manager.

  • Backup and Recovery Testing – In the event of data breach, having workable backup enables sysadmins to recover lost data. But what if you forget to backup. Backing up large volumes of data is a tedious task and may take its toll on the sysadmins. Also, not testing backup can mess up the entire process. What if your backup doesn’t work on the day of need? Sysadmins should create schedules for automated backup and recovery testing to make sure all data is secure.

Automate backup and ensure instant recoveries with Kaseya Unified Backup. 

Multi-Factor Authentication for Layered Defense 

Having a fool-proof secured environment is no simple feat. However, sysadmins can right the IT Upside Down by implementing a multi-layered strategy for improved security. 

The primary benefit of multi-factor authentication is that it provides additional security by adding layers to the login event. Earlier, users were required to know only passwords to login which became easier to hack and exploit with technology. Now, users will have to rely on multiple factors to prove identity.   

Beware of the Dark Web  

The scariest place in the IT Upside Down is the dark web. The dark web is the part of web that is often run on networks of private servers, allowing communication only via specific means. It is a fertile ground for identity theft, where stolen personal information is traded anonymously.  

It isn’t indexed by search engines and uses masked IP addresses, making it difficult for authorities to shut it down. 

Dark web monitoring is a method of preventing identity theft by monitoring identity information on the dark web. With the rise in cyber-attacks and data breaches in recent years, dark web monitoring has become a crucial element of advanced cyber-security strategy for sysadmins and MSPs.  

Dark Web ID, a feature of ID Agent, a Kaseya Company, alerts MSPs before/during a breach, about the customer information that has been/is being compromised. It helps companies prevent or limit the damage of cyber-attacks. 

Sysadmins can analyze the alerts to understand the extent of the breach and take steps to mitigate the impact.  

These days sysadmins are required to be efficient with their strategy to keep their organization secure. A single slip-up could ruin the reputation, dwindle revenues and trigger layoffs eventually. Sysadmins need all the help they can get to right the IT Upside Down and Kaseya has all the right weapons to do it. 

To learn how Kaseya renders cyber-security for your company, request a demo here

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