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Road Sign "Change Just Ahead"

During its nine-year run, Windows 7 has found a loyal fan base among MSPs. They cling to Windows 7 even when it comes at the cost of their security.

The bottom line:  

In January 2020, less than five months to go, Microsoft will abandon Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 by cutting support services, including any type of security patches.  Clearly, the ‘fetishes’ for Windows 7 will bring a host of cybersecurity risks for your MSP business and clients.

Cybercriminals target MSPs 

Lately, MSPs are becoming a pawn in the corporate espionage game – often incited by state-sponsored hackers. In such scenarios, running your business on an outdated system like Windows 7 is suicidal.

The US Department of Justice has indicated that attacks on MSPs have significantly increased. Hackers have found cyber-espionage to be highly lucrative: one attack allows access to several businesses spread across different geographies. 

Being an MSP comes with a lot of responsibilities and more importantly, trust. One breach is all it takes to break the trust; resulting in clients fleeing to other responsible MSPs.

So, be a responsible MSP – Migrate to Windows 10. 

window of opportunity for MSPs 

The obsessive fixation for Windows 7 has blindsided MSPs to the endless opportunities that Windows 10 migration offers. Windows EOL applies to you as well as your clients. To put it simply, it’s the perfect time for MSPs to upgrade their service offerings. You can charge clients a monthly fee for upgrading the hardware, software, licenses, and support. This way you’re able to migrate clients to a secured system while increasing your recurring revenue. 

Seamless transition demands good planning.  For this reason, we have created the MSP toolkit to prepare your business for a smooth Windows 10 migration. 


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