MSPs Deliver Silver Bullet for SMBs Spooked by Cybercrime

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October means Halloween, when ghouls and goblins lurk in the shadows, when the creaks and groans of the floorboards make us quake with fear, and when ghost stories and haunted houses try to give us a scare. Or it’s just that time of year when we eat lots of candy.

But whether or not you’ve been spooked by the season’s cast of creepy characters, there’s an ominous presence that should be keeping every business awake at night … cybercrime. While it may not scare the toddlers and teenagers knocking on your door and looking for sweets, SMBs are the ones who should be quaking in their boots. They are the prime targets for real-world bad guys that prey on the unsecured IT environments SMBs rely on.

Despite all the press that major breaches get, the vast majority of cybercriminals are attacking SMBs, and they have good reasons to do so. Smaller firms don’t have the same level of defenses in place thanks to smaller budgets, lack of expertise and poor education regarding the devastating impact an attack could have on their business.

While an enterprise has dedicated staff living and breathing IT while armed with a sizable war chest to keep systems up to date and protected, worrying about IT at a smaller firm might be someone’s part-time job or outsourced to an “IT guy” who only shows up when called upon.

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Posted by Miguel Lopez
Joining Kaseya in 2012, Miguel Lopez brings over 20 years of experience to his role as SVP and GM. In this position, he consults daily with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to help them solve their clients’ business problems with technology solutions. Prior to joining Kaseya, Miguel served as the director of consulting services for All Covered, a nationwide technology services company that is a division of Konica Minolta Business Solutions USA Inc. In 2008, All Covered acquired NetCor Technologies, a leading MSP that Miguel founded and managed since 1997.
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