How Vue Entertainment Automated IT to Save Time and Optimize Resources

POS Retail IT

Vue Entertainment is part of Vue International, one of the world’s leading cinema operators. It has 86 cinemas in the UK and Ireland, and a strong presence in Germany, Poland, Italy and the Netherlands. 

Vue has been using Kaseya VSA to manage its point of sale (POS) hardware and related applications for several years. Initially, the retail firm had been using spreadsheets to maintain software information, which turned out to be inefficient and time-consuming. 

Now the team uses VSA to automate many common information technology (IT) tasks, including software deployments, running regular maintenance checks on tills, kiosk management, monitoring disk space, and software patch management. With VSA, they can manage their entire IT environment from a central dashboard.

Kaseya VSA Saves Time and Gets Things Done 

Kaseya Live Connect, a key feature of Kaseya VSA, enables the IT team at Vue to manage systems remotely. They use this powerful feature to remotely connect to tills, kiosks, and personal computers to troubleshoot issues without disrupting the end-users.  

Kaseya VSA Dashboard
Kaseya VSA Dashboard

Using Kaseya VSA, the team proactively monitors and maintains Vue’s systems. They get alerts that provide warnings of potential issues that can, in many cases, be automatically remediated through scripts. This means the problem is often fixed  before users are impacted. Automation scripts are executed by agents running on each endpoint.

“We are able to see the current status of all our devices. Automation has not only saved us time but helps us utilize our IT resources more productively. Upgrading one of our key applications, a process that used to be done manually with someone connecting to each cinema remotely and deploying a series of packages, took months. With the automation in VSA, we have now reduced a 2-3 month roll out process to a matter of weeks. We now have more time to focus on more impactful projects and be forward-thinking, rather than constantly playing catch up with day-to-day operations,” says Mike Rozwadowski, Digital and Marketing Technology Partner at Vue Entertainment. 

Kaseya VSA also helps Vue run customized IT management reports that enable them to effectively assess their business needs and make critical decisions.  

Mike Rozwadowski states that Kaseya VSA has made a significant difference to Vue. It helps them control all their IT infrastructure from one centralized console and write scripts to automate IT tasks. More importantly, VSA enables Vue to stay on top of all its IT management needs in a fast-paced retail environment. 

To learn more, read the complete case study Kaseya Helps Vue Get the Big Picture.

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