Automate IT to Fix Problems and Increase Customer Satisfaction

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Customer satisfaction is an important aspect of a managed service provider’s (MSP) business. It helps maintain a close connection with its customers and prevent churn. Most MSPs are small businesses with limited resources. For them, word of mouth is a powerful tool to acquire more customers and to sustain their business. So, to retain their customers, MSPs need to be efficient in rendering their services to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

One of the best ways for MSPs to increase efficiency is to leverage IT automation. 

Automating Monitoring and Management 

An efficient remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool has automation capabilities that can handle many common time-consuming tasks, like updating applications and programs, which is a time-critical process and needs detailed attention and efforts. Being able to install thousands of agents on endpoints with a click of a button is also a huge cost saving for MSPs. 

With automation, incidents can be remediated even before end-users are aware they have occurred. This level of automation increases customer satisfaction and loyalty. Also, this will reduce costs by preventing issues from developing into service tickets that will consume valuable technician time. 

To reduce client system downtime, MSPs can automate backup and business continuity processes including recovery testing to ensure all backups work as and when required. 

Saving Time and Reducing Costs 

Time is an important asset for MSPs. Reducing the amount of time technicians spend handling routine tasks, cutting the cost for service delivery and freeing up technicians to spend more time on revenue-generating activities will boost the MSP’s profitability. 

Professional services automation (PSA) makes it easier for technicians to input their time, ensuring that work is accurately tracked and recorded. With an efficient PSA software, MSPs can spend less time on non-revenue-generating tasks like billing and project management and focus more on selling high-value services and keeping their clients satisfied.

When a PSA tool is integrated with an RMM platform, even greater automation is possible, including the immediate generation of tickets when alerts are detected, automatic assignment of the tickets to the appropriate assets and automatic aligning of SLAs to the tickets.

Kaseya VSA (RMM solution) integrated with Kaseya BMS (PSA solution) enables you to  do all the above and more. Live Connect, a feature of Kaseya VSA, allows you to remotely manage and remediate an incident directly from the ticket generated. This way you can solve system issues without even letting your customers know.

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