Faster MSP Growth With Smarter RMM and PSA Integration

RMM and PSA integration

The fact that most MSPs consider remote monitoring and management (RMM) as the application most important to them is of little surprise. MSPs, irrespective of their size, cannot function without an RMM tool. They also use professional software automation (PSA) software extensively for service delivery, billing, ticketing, and customer management. 

According to the 2019 MSP Benchmark Survey, more than two-thirds of MSPs view integration between core MSP-specific applications such as RMM and PSA to be very important. Yet, they struggle to integrate these tools and make the best use of them.  

To get the most technician productivity, your RMM and PSA solutions should work cohesively together, providing visibility and functionality for any work stream being managed while also offering the freedom to switch between applications without forcing a specific product path. You should be able to do all this without the fear information being lost, and have a cohesive workflow that drives the most efficient technician-to-endpoint ratio.

Benefits of RMM and PSA Integration That Cannot Be Overlooked

A seamlessly integrated RMM and PSA platform:

Reduces complexity with streamlined workflows

Managing IT can become an immensely tedious task for technicians dealing with big data and growing endpoints. Here comes in the need for smoothly integrated tools that enable streamlined workflows and processes, making the technician’s job easier. 

Eliminates redundancy and leverages automation 

Most MSPs are small-sized (having about 8 to 10 employees). As they scale, they usually end up adopting an array of tools to support their growing clientele. This results in chaotic processes, redundant configurations, and unwarranted maintenance. Integrated RMM and PSA solutions eliminate this redundancy and leverage automation to maintain systems, resolve customer issues, and save costs. 

Enables proactive ticket management keeping customers happy 

With non-integrated solutions, things can often fall through the cracks. Technicians can lose track of tickets due to poor visibility in the environment, making every issue a D-day emergency. MSPs could lose their credibility due to this short-sightedness and might also end up losing their customers.  

A fully-integrated RMM and PSA platform provides complete visibility into the systems, allowing technicians to resolve issues before they arise, reducing downtime and keeping customers satisfied. 

Kaseya VSA and Kaseya BMS Better Together

Kaseya provides your MSP business a thoughtfully integrated RMM (Kaseya VSA) and PSA (Kaseya BMS) solution that combines endpoint and service desk capabilities and eliminates the space between.

The cohesive VSA and BMS solution is known to reduce overall ticket volume by 30 percent and ticket resolution time by 40 percent through superior automation.

Kaseya Fusion Mobile App: Two Solutions, One Application, IT Done Faster and On the Go

Kaseya Fusion Mobile App gives you a truly unified experience through deep workflows with the integration of Kaseya VSA and Kaseya BMS.

With Kaseya Fusion Mobile App you can:

  • Get real-time visibility into your IT environment
  • Manage all service tickets on the go
  • Document and quickly access relevant information as it happens

Get the ultimate flexibility with Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, because you don’t have time to get lost in the space between.

To learn more about how you can increase your profit margins with integrated solutions, join our webinar Grow your MSP and become more profitable in 2020.

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