9 Most Read IT Management Blogs of 2019

Top 10 IT Management Blogs of 2019

Better late than never, we take a look back at the most read Kaseya blogs for 2019 for a glimpse into the topics that were at the forefront for internal IT teams and Managed Service Providers (MSPs).

A big concern for all parties was Windows 7 end of life (EOL), which occurred on January 14, 2020. The second most read blog in 2019 focused on the impact of Windows EOL for the healthcare industry. (See this blog What Does End of Life for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 Mean for Me?)

Security is of course top of mind for most businesses and the number of data breaches continued to grow. The average data breach cost was about $2.5 million for small businesses going up to a whopping $3.92 million for large enterprises. Security was the top IT priority in Kaseya’s 2019 State of IT Operations Survey Report.

Also in 2019, many IT companies continued to adopt cloud computing, increased AI capabilities, and took regulatory compliance requirements seriously. 

With the start of a new year, let’s analyze the past year, strategize for 2020, and get prepared for new business opportunities ahead. Here is a list of the top ten IT management blogs for last year.

Blog 122 Critical Metrics and KPIs for MSPs

So, what makes this blog one of the most read blogs of 2019? Choosing the right metrics to track is critical for MSPs to achieve their goals. This blog lists out the most important metrics for MSPs to drive business growth and profitability. If you are an MSP looking to reduce your costs and increase efficiency, read this blog to know the top ten metrics set by Taylor Business Group (TBG), a leading MSP consultancy, and also a few more metrics added by Kaseya that will help you succeed.

Blog 2Is Your Healthcare Organization Prepared for Windows 7 End of Life?

When Microsoft announced Windows 7 end of life, meaning no more security updates and support, it was cause for concern and migration planning across all industries. About 71 percent of devices in the healthcare industry were expected to be running on unsupported Windows operating system by January 2020. Considering the average total cost of a data breach in the healthcare industry was $6.45 million which is 60 percent higher than the global average of all industries and the cost for each breached record is $429, helping healthcare organizations be prepared for Windows 7 End of Life was especially important.

Blog 37 Capabilities Your IT Asset Management Software Should Provide

Numerous blogs have been written about what an ideal IT asset management solution should provide to help IT teams monitor and manage their IT environments. What makes this blog worth reading? This blog lists out the seven key features every IT asset management tool must provide. Read the blog to know how choosing the right IT asset management tool can help your organization save time, resources, and money.

Blog 4Top Reasons MSPs Should Offer vCIO Services

Not all small and midsize businesses can afford to hire a Chief Information Officer (CIO) due to cost constraints. However, now MSPs often provide Virtual CIO (vCIO) services to help smaller organizations with top-level IT strategy. Read this blog to learn more about the core duties and benefits of vCIO services and see a roadmap to becoming an MSP that offers the best vCIO services to its customers.

Blog 5IT Service Management and IT Maturity Best Practices

Recommendations made by Gartner are taken seriously in the IT industry. This blog explains the top five recommendations made by Gartner about IT Service Management (ITSM). Kaseya is known for its ITSM and IT automation solutions. If you are looking for a way to manage IT service delivery in a seamless, automated way, read the blog to learn more. From remote control and patch management to compliance, backup and disaster recovery, this blog covers it all.

Blog 613 Things Every MSP Should Know About HIPAA

One lesson that most businesses undoubtedly learned in 2019 is that HIPAA must be taken seriously. For all those MSPs out there that have healthcare customers and those planning on acquiring new ones, here is a list of 13 things every MSP should know about HIPAA. Did you know that you, as an MSP, are responsible when your customer is not HIPAA-compliant? Read the blog to learn more.

Blog 7When It Comes to MSPs, What Does Agile Even Mean?

Have you ever thought what it takes to be an Agile MSP? This blog outlines what it means to be an Agile MSP and how to succeed in being one. Many MSPs offer the same solutions and services to their clients. However, in 2019, MSPs had to consider offering new products and adopt a different strategy. This was not only to strengthen their offerings but to stay innovative in this fast paced business environment. That’s when MSPs decided to become Agile. What does Agile mean to MSPs? Read the blog to find out.

Blog 8Top 5 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Business

Small and medium-sized businesses are a prime target for cyberattacks. Did you know that 58 percent of businesses have no data loss backup plan and 68 percent of SMBs have no disaster recovery plan? Most SMBs are not equipped to fight cybersecurity threats due to limited budget or lack of expertise. If you are an SMB looking for ways to improve the security of your business, you’ve reached the right place. Read the blog and take the first step towards enhanced IT security.

Blog 9Introducing Kaseya VSA’s 1-Click Access

In 2019, Kaseya’s VSA (RMM and Endpoint Management) solution introduced the 1-Click Access feature. Gone are the days when IT technicians need to access and manage password credentials to access an end-point. With Kaseya VSA, technicians can now access the end user’s device with just a click of a button without having to know the user or admin credentials. Read the blog to learn more about how this feature helps increases IT efficiency.

Key takeaways for 2019

  • Metrics and KPIs are key to driving MSP growth and profitability.
  • Planning for Windows End of Life is a critical process for Healthcare (and many other) organizations.
  • There are a number of critical capabilities for IT asset management and IT Service management that organizations should consider when selecting these tools.
  • IT automation drives efficiency and operational cost savings.
  • IT security, of course, is a top priority for all IT organizations and there are several ways to improve your security posture.
  • Maintaining compliance became a higher priority for many businesses.

2019 was a relatively low growth year for the Information Technology (IT) industry. Growth was about 0.4 percent over 2018, according to Gartner. But the IT industry is expected to rebound in 2020 with 3.7 percent growth. To learn about the top technology trends for 2020, take a look at our recent blog 2020 Information Technology Trends for Midsize Businesses.

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