Boost MSP Technician Efficiency With Mobile IT Solutions

More Efficiency with Mobile Apps for MSPs

Most managed service providers have less than 10 employees. A key part of their workforce includes multi-functional technicians who cater to all the IT needs of their customers.

According to the 2019 MSP Benchmark Survey although over 50 percent of respondents came from service providers with 25 or fewer employees, nearly half of them managed over 1,000 endpoints.

Dealing with overburdening security concerns, rising compliance requirements, and support tickets, technicians find it difficult to work with inefficient tools and processes that don’t let them do their job properly. 

It’s time for MSPs to get past the point of being reactive and taking the reins for business success. 

To scale and grow, they require tools that allow them to take control of IT, maximize technician time, and enable improved service delivery. 

Cohesive Workflows for Technician Efficiency 

Imagine you are a technician working on a support ticket. You need information to get to the root cause. But you cannot gather that information fast enough as you have to waddle through multiple solutions and word documents to unearth data which is frustrating and time-consuming. 

And by the time you solve the issue, you realize you have missed the service level agreement (SLA). 

Working with disparate solutions and scrambling through a maze of dissonant workflows, you lose the opportunity to meet your SLAs and keep your customers satisfied. 

Kaseya provides cohesive remote monitoring and management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSAworkflows that enable technicians to defy the traditional barriers of interdependency and tackle tickets efficiently. 

It allows them to switch between applications whenever they want, letting them have information at their fingertips, giving them complete visibility in whichever workstream they are managing. 

Improved Efficiency of Technicians on the Go With Mobile App 

Imagine a mobile app that frees you from your desktop console and enables you to access and manage tickets from anywhere. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Kaseya Fusion Mobile App is the first in the industry for a single mobile app for RMM and PSA  allowing technicians to manage tickets on the go. 

To learn more about the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, watch the demo here. 

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