How to Improve Technician Efficiency With Kaseya Fusion App

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Time is a critical factor in the MSP world. Most small and medium businesses cannot afford any downtime, and MSPs play a huge role in helping them achieve this. With the advent of remote monitoring and management (RMM), technicians can monitor and provide instant fixes for IT issues without even visiting the sites of their clients.

While remote monitoring has made life simpler for IT technicians, it can be made even more efficient with a simple device we use every day – a smartphone with an RMM + PSA app.

Having a mobile app for doing all IT functions is no longer just a dream for IT technicians. With an RMM + PSA mobile app, MSPs can manage their clients’ entire IT infrastructure from anywhere. 

Before we learn how a mobile IT management solution makes a technician’s tasks more efficient, let’s check out a few statistics on why having a mobile-oriented strategy is inevitable in this digital world. 

Mobile-first Society

Smartphones have changed the landscape of the technology world. Internet access is steadily increasing across the world, and smartphones play a major role in global web traffic. As of 2019, 56.01 percent of global web traffic can be attributed to mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). This is a steady increase since mobile devices surpassed desktop internet usage for the first time in 2016. 

In the United States, adults spent an average of 3 hours and 35 minutes on smartphones every day in the year 2018. Also, 90 percent of the mobile internet time on smartphones can be attributed to mobile apps according to eMarketer. All these statistics prove that smartphones play a big role in the everyday lives of people around the world. 

The rise of smartphones has created a mobile-first society where businesses must focus on the needs of smartphone users first. 

Mobile App for IT Efficiency

RMM and PSA software has simplified the work of IT technicians by allowing them to provide remote support from anywhere. According to Kaseya’s 2019 IT Operations Survey, nearly 50 percent of the MSPs stated that one technician manages 100 to 500 endpoints. Moreover, technicians must constantly monitor the tickets from their clients and provide instant fixes. 

Technicians get IT tickets every day in the form of service requests and incidents. It is estimated that one technician resolves an average of 107 tickets per month across all industries. With the help of remote IT management tools like RMM and PSA, technicians can take care of these tickets from anywhere. 

However, they still have to open their laptops and enter the asset information of their clients to fix issues remotely. With the help of a mobile IT management app, they can avoid this hassle and monitor the IT infrastructure of their clients from anywhere, anytime. 

Kaseya Fusion Mobile App – The Ultimate RMM + PSA Tool

Kaseya Fusion Mobile App is the only mobile app that brings together BMS, a next-gen PSA tool, and VSA, the best-in-class RMM, under a single platform. With this mobile app, technicians can perform a range of IT tasks and manage the tickets raised by their clients from anywhere. MSPs can use this tool to provide the best service to their clients and boost their profitability.

Modern-day MSPs require advanced tools to provide the best possible service to their clients. The Kaseya Fusion Mobile App can provide you the much needed competitive edge over other similar players in the market.

You can use the app to:

  • Manage IT tickets
  • Document in real-time
  • View asset information and ticket status
  • Get real-time status reports
  • Check the status of endpoints you manage

Boost Efficiency With the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App

On average, technicians spend 67 minutes to resolve service requests and 17 minutes to resolve incident requests. In some cases, they also have to spend time on travel for on-site visits. By performing various critical tasks using Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, MSPs can significantly reduce the time spent by technicians on a single ticket and boost their overall productivity. 

To learn more about improving technician efficiency with Kaseya Fusion Mobile App which is available on both Android and Apple app stores, download the infographic – Improve Technician Efficiency with the Ultimate RMM+PSA Mobile App.

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