Introducing the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App

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The world of technology has witnessed some massive changes over the past decade with smartphones emerging as the most ubiquitous of all devices. While this change has created many opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs), it has also brought forth a few challenges.

Most MSPs have multiple clients with hundreds of endpoints and unique IT needs. Catering to these needs without compromising on quality is a big challenge for MSPs in this digital age. Most importantly, MSPs cannot afford to waste their scarce resources on inefficient tasks. They need tools that help them streamline their workflows and boost their growth.

This is where the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App comes into play. Kaseya Fusion Mobile App is the only mobile IT management tool that integrates the functions of Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) and Professional Services Automation (PSA) under a single mobile platform.

The Industry’s First RMM+PSA Mobile App

This app seamlessly integrates VSA with BMS under a single mobile app. This app is for VSA, or BMS, but it’s even better together! This app is eliminating the space between with a truly unified experience through deep workflows in a mobile application. This gives you a truly unified experience. You can manage IT tickets and monitor endpoints from anywhere, all in the palm of your hand. You can eliminate the hassle of logging into a laptop when you have to be onsite.

This app helps you manage some of the common IT functions like managing tickets and documenting in real-time from anywhere. 

The New Kaseya Fusion Mobile App 

You can use the app to perform various functions using any device closest to them. Some of the core IT tasks that can be managed through Kaseya Fusion Mobile App are listed below:

  • Manage IT tickets: Technicians who are on the go often struggle to manage the tickets raised by their clients. With this app, they can get instant notifications of new IT tickets and manage them from anywhere. They can also search, create, update, or assign IT tickets from anywhere.
  • Document in real-time: Documentation is another major task that is often overwhelming for MSPs. Kaseya Fusion Mobile App lets you document in real-time. 
  • View asset information: With this app, you can get easy access to all the assets you manage in different locations. This lets you see the recent activities and events happening on various endpoints. You can also filter down assets by organizations or machine groups and get instant access.
  • Device status and asset drill-down: This app helps technicians view the status of the devices they manage along with the latest audit information about the endpoints. Technicians can also view who is online or offline on the devices they manage.

By using the app for these tasks, IT managers can get real-time visibility into the entire IT infrastructure of their clients.

Why You Need to Use Kaseya Fusion Mobile App

A single technician typically manages hundreds of endpoints for multiple clients. This makes it very difficult to manage their time, and their efficiency takes a toll as a result. 

RMM and PSA are the core applications used by most MSPs in the market. According to Kaseya’s MSP Benchmark Survey, more than two-thirds of MSPs in the market find it critical to integrate their core IT functions including RMM, PSA, and IT documentation under a single platform. 

IT professionals can resolve tickets at a much faster rate using this app and optimize their everyday tasks in a much  more efficient manner. With this app, MSPs can streamline the IT tasks of their clients and boost their business growth.

For more information on what you can do with the Kaseya Fusion Mobile App, download the feature sheet now.

You can download the app from Google Play or Apple Store.

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