Connecting IT Podcast with Mark Copeman: MSP Secrets Revealed

Connecting IT Podcast - MSP Secrets with Mark Copeman

In the latest edition of the Connecting IT Podcast, Jim Lippie, Kaseya’s GM and SVP of Partner Development, interviews Mark Copeman, serial entrepreneur and author of Helpdesk Habits. Their combined experience and expertise in the MSP field created an engaging 15-minute podcast filled with valuable insights for MSPs around the world.

One of the main points the two weigh in on is the significant cooperation between competitors within the industry, as well as the peer networks that are so prevalent, and helpful, in the community.

“I’ve never worked in an industry that has so much…I call it ‘co–opetition’,” Copeman said. “It seems that regardless of whether you’re an MSP within a particular city with a whole bunch of competitors around you or in a market that is much smaller, typically MSPs see their competitors as potential partners. And if they are not working with one another, they are learning from one another.”

Another pillar of the conversation is about what Copeman’s upcoming book brings to the table… and it’s a lot. At least 101 things in fact. MSP Secrets Revealed will contain 101 secrets extracted from over 400 MSPs from all over the globe, on a wide variety of topics.

“Don’t worry — I don’t think I will be revealing any scandals,” laughs Mark during the podcast.

These secrets are focused on helping MSPs succeed; something that we all can agree is important during the current global pandemic. MSP Secrets Revealed will be available later in 2020.

Listen to the entire 15-minute episode for more MSP Secrets from these two industry veterans to learn more.

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