Connecting IT Podcast – The MSP Landscape as Told Through Data, with Jay McBain of Forrester

The MSP Landscape as Told Through Data, with Jy McBain of Forrester - Connecting IT Podcast

In this edition of the Connecting IT Podcast, Jim Lippie Kaseya’s GM and SVP of Partner Development, talks with Jay McBain, principal analyst, Forrester. The 35-minute episode gives a deep dive into the MSP industry, with Jay bringing a wide variety of relevant statistics and various data points to the table about how the MSP landscape will be affected by the pandemic.

“It’s [MSPs] a resilient business model, it’s an effective business model, and what we thought about, roughly 20 years ago, is coming true. That in a pandemic that we would have never forecast, managed services are a pretty stable way to run your business,” Jay explains.

Not only does McBain bring his knowledge based on many years in the field, but he also comes to the table with a VAST array of numbers that help bring the MSP industry out of the abstract and into a measurable, scientific, view.

“186 billion dollars is sold on managed services contracts around the world, in the US – just shy of 100 billion,” he explains in the podcast. “21% of customers outsource some or all of their IT today to managed service providers.”

If you like numbers, this is the podcast for you. Jay and Jim’s conversation not only talks about the past and current MSP landscape, but they look toward the future as well, providing invaluable for not only MSP owners, but anyone in the industry.  Listen to the entire episode using the link below.

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