Futuristic IT Tips to Help You Get Back to the New Normal

Guy standing in front of a time portal

Marty is a regular sysadmin guy who likes fixing IT systems and taking care of organizational security and backup up data whenever required. One day, he finds himself bang in the middle of a global pandemic that turns his life upside down. With most of his team working remotely, he has the added burden of securing remote desktops and making sure his team has all they need to work productively from home while also staying compliant with company policies.

If only he had an almanac from the future, probably from his uncle Doc Brown, that could predict the future. Fortunately, he has us. We bring you the Kaseya IT Strategy Almanac that can help you get back to the new normal at 88 miles an hour by tanking up Mr. Fusion with the perfect fuel to get you there!

Here are a few amazing IT tips that the almanac provides:

1. Equipping Your Remote Workforce So They Can Power Mr. Fusion

Remote work might sound cozy. But in reality, it isn’t. While working from home usually only requires an internet connection and possibly a VPN to connect to the company network, setting up remote work is more complicated than that.

Employees need to be set up with the right infrastructure, provided with professional-grade laptops perhaps, and guided through company protocols to be efficient and productive in their work.

Sysadmins need to secure these remote systems by implementing processes like:

  • Automated Patch Management – To keep on- and off-network devices updated all the time.
  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA) – To provide an additional layer of security when logging into the company network.
  • Remote Endpoint Monitoring – To remotely manage and monitor workstations with a robust remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution.

2. Setting Your Dashboard to the Right Time for Exceptional IT Service Delivery

Managing IT tickets has become a challenging task for sysadmins with the accumulation of tickets reaching a new high. With remote workers needing help with troubleshooting home wi-fi networks, sysadmins are running into complexities that they normally wouldn’t run into in an office environment. Being swamped with incredibly long calls and meetings and a flood of to-do lists on a daily basis, sysadmins never have time on their hands. That’s pretty heavy!

However, they can certainly ease their workload by following practices such as:

  • Auto-remediating Tickets – Implementing a solution that can auto-remediate IT issues is a must-have for sysadmins today so that they can jump in only when human assistance is required.
  • Documenting IT Processes – Enabling an IT documentation tool that gives them the information they need at any instant to resolve tickets helps them save time and effort.

3. Procure Enough Plutonium to Deal With Tight IT Budgets

Have your IT budgets decreased way beyond normal? Worry not! All you need to do is implement these best practices so you can produce enough plutonium to get back to the new normal in your time machine:

  • Automate IT Tasks – Automating tasks, such as monitoring and maintenance of devices as well as software deployment and patch management, can help you free up labor cost and time.
  • Integrate Workflows – Adopt the right blend of solution stacks that not only reduce your IT costs but also ensure efficiency and productivity. Your IT tools, such as endpoint management, service desk management and IT documentation, must be integrated to allow smoother navigation between workflows.

All these tips and much more can be found in the Kaseya IT Strategy Almanac. All you have to do is download it right here, hit that wire with the connecting hook at precisely 88 miles an hour the instant the lightning strikes, and get ready for a smooth ride.

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