It’s Not Too Late to Set the Stage for a Successful 2021


It goes without saying that 2020 has been quite a year, with each month feeling like it has tried to top the last. And while 2021 may not start off much different, it will hopefully end on a higher note than it began. For MSPs looking ahead to the year to come, there are many lessons to be learned from what just transpired. In the IT world, the pandemic didn’t necessarily start any major new trends as much as it accelerated those already in progress. When looking at 2021 trends, the expectation is a continuation of these transformations, and MSPs that have been adjusting on the fly should anticipate more of the same.

So, looking both in the rear view and the horizon, what are the biggest 2021 trends MSPs should be planning for? And how has 2020 set the stage for how to survive and thrive?

1. Remote work is here to stay.

Remote work didn’t begin in 2020, but nearly every industry got a crash course in how to do it at scale for a sustained period of time. While many businesses are eager to get their workforce back into the building and lots of employees realized they prefer their workplace cubicle or corner office to the kitchen table, the consensus is mixed.

Workers who previously never had the option to work from home have now had a taste of it, and some will prefer to maintain the status quo at least some of the time long after vaccines have quieted the viral storm. Trading off water cooler chat and free breakroom coffee for no commute, sweatpants and flexibility is pretty appealing for a broad swath of professionals.

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