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No profession stands still, but it’s hard to imagine an industry where things change as quickly as IT. The constant flood of new technologies, applications, devices and use cases is matched only by the deluge of security threats and defensive considerations. Keeping abreast of all these new developments is a daunting challenge, forcing MSPs to continually upgrade their knowledge, understanding and know-how through IT training. Not only must staff be aware of the latest and greatest tech, but they must also know how to work with it well enough to install, manage, and support this diverse and constantly evolving ecosystem.

In their role as trusted advisors, MSPs also require enough expertise to provide good recommendations to their clients and prospects, who are similarly trying to navigate this continually shifting landscape. They must be able to connect the dots between a range of business cases and requirements to determine which solutions to recommend and defenses to put in place.

This reality makes ongoing IT training a vital component of any MSP’s resource planning strategies and staff development. They simply can’t do their job well if both customer-facing employees and support personnel lack a proper understanding of these emerging-yet-essential technologies and products.

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