This Valentine’s Day, Find Time for the Other Things You Love

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Does it always seem like you have no time for anything else other than working on those pesky IT service tickets that need to be resolved and closed? Well, you are not alone. This is a plight shared by just about every IT admin today. From managing IT operations and making sure all systems are up and running to maintaining IT security and meeting compliance requirements, days tend to pass by in a hazy blur for IT admins everywhere. Sadly, they have no time to spend with their loved ones or do the other things they’d like to do if they had more spare time.

However, all hope is not lost. IT Admins can still find their very own IT Valentine that can not only free up their time but also increase IT productivity, giving them ample time to enjoy life beyond IT.

Here are five things the perfect IT Valentine does to make the life of a sysadmin easier:

1. Increased Visibility Into the Entire IT Infrastructure

Your IT Valentine (aka endpoint management solution) provides comprehensive hardware and software discovery and inventory of all servers, workstations, laptops and network devices under your management. It starts with the deployment of a single agent and then the tool does the rest — no credentials or additional software needed. You get a network topology map that allows you to see the up/down status and active alarms, if any, for each device on the network. The map also has a feature that enables you to drill down into an asset to see more detailed information.

2. Increased Uptime and User Productivity

Your IT Valentine allows you to log in to remote machines almost instantaneously, even over high-latency networks or behind firewalls. 1-Click access to remotely control the endpoint allows you to log in without needing to know usernames and passwords. Leverage the password vault in your IT documentation system, if available. Remote endpoint management allows you to troubleshoot problems and resolve tickets quickly, freeing up time to do other things. You can also access the endpoint “behind the scenes” without interrupting the end user. This means the end user can be more productive too.

3. Improved IT Security

Your IT Valentine integrates with best-in-the-industry antivirus/antimalware (AV/AM) solutions such as Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Webroot and more. This lets you deploy and manage AV/AM clients from the same console where you manage all your endpoints. Remember to keep your antivirus up to date as well.

Your IT Valentine also makes use of two-factor authentication (2FA) to enhance login security. For Managed Service Providers (MSPs), this helps protect not only your own business but that of your clients as well.

4. Automated Patch and Vulnerability Management

All your affected devices should be patched within 15 to 30 days of a patch release, especially when they are required for critical software vulnerabilities. Your IT Valentine keeps all of your endpoints up to date with the latest security patches through automated patch management. Automate patching using policies and profiles to guide the process and stop worrying about it.

5. Reliable Backup and Disaster Recovery

Speaking of worrying, are you worried about being hit with a ransomware attack? In 2020, ransomware attacks multiplied sevenfold with cybercriminals using evolved tactics and technologies to breach IT systems. Your IT Valentine integrates with various backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solutions for IT systems and SaaS applications, allowing you to recover quickly from an attack.

Testing backup recovery, a critical component for ensuring systems can recover reliably, is also provided by the integrated backup solutions. This lets you worry more about planning a holiday and less about your systems being held hostage or losing your data.

Who or what is this mystery IT Valentine? Kaseya VSA, of course! Request a demo to learn more!

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