Connecting IT Podcast – Ban Distractions, with Nigel Moore, The Tech Tribe

Connecting IT Podcast - The Tech Tribe

In this edition of the Connecting IT Podcast, host Dan Tomaszewski, SVP of Channel and Community at Kaseya, talks with Nigel Moore, founder of The Tech Tribe about the biggest threats to your MSP in 2021. Throughout their 35-minute conversation, Dan and Nigel discuss the pitfall of letting distractions keep you from doing the real work of running an MSP.  Nigel also shares his advice on successful marketing engines and the importance of creating a personal customer experience.

Dan and Nigel first talk about distractions MSPs are facing in 2021 and the impact social media has on MSPs. Nigel compared using social media to “dopamine hits” and said it’s like getting pulled into a “vortex.” He also added that an MSP’s “time and energy is getting sucked up on those platforms rather than building a good marketing funnel” (4:28). Nigel’s bottom line is that we need to understand how to intentionally use social media. 

Nigel then gave advice to MSPs on techniques he found success in and understanding how to “not let urgent tasks get in the way of important tasks” (9:38). Nigel mentioned a method he used daily called the “Pomodoro technique” that allows him to prioritize his time and understand how to deal with interruptions. Nigel also emphasized the importance of making sure your team and your clients understands what that process is. In a nutshell, in order to be a successful MSP, you must understand the distinction between urgent and important tasks.

At one point in the interview, Dan asks Nigel about how MSPs can correct their marketing engines in 2021, and the biggest piece of advice Nigel gave was to, “Go out and find the strategies that other MSPs are actually successfully using like Google Ad Words, or LinkedIn prospecting and double down on them.” Dan and Nigel both agreed that most MSPs think marketing is scary because they know nothing about it, so it is important for MSPs to take the time to try and understand marketing to strengthen their knowledge moving forward.

At the end of the interview, Dan asks Nigel for the one key takeaway. Here’s what he had to say:

“Prioritize focus in your world, focus in your business, focus in your life and goals, and just have that word ‘focus’ bouncing around in your head as one of your primary things to work on because the more focused you are, the more you get good at being able to focus. It’s a skill that you’ve got to learn, and you’ve got to work on.”

Our world is full of distractions and unknowns that we have yet to fully understand as people and as businesses. Even though MSPs today are surrounded by distractions, successful MSPs find a way to minimize those distractions and capitalize on other parts of their business in order to thrive, especially in this economy. While 2021 holds new challenges for MSPs, Dan and Nigel highlight how MSPs can be successful and prioritize what is important for their business moving forward.

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Posted by Dan Tomaszewski
Dan Tomaszewski
Dan Tomaszewski leads a team of channel experts and former managed service provider (MSP) professionals to equip, educate, and empower MSPs to be more successful and profitable. He is responsible for gathering feedback from the MSP community and ensuring a persistent focus on amplifying their voice to provide continued customer experience improvements. He is best known as the builder of Powered Services, an award-winning platform provided by Kaseya that has helped over 7,000 MSPs close deals, go to market faster and become more profitable. As the former CEO of an MSP, Mr. Tomaszewski understands customers’ challenges and needs, adapting his knowledge to build products and platforms that enable them to do business more successfully. He joined Kaseya in September 2019 as the Vice President of Channel Success & Training at ID Agent. Mr. Tomaszewski holds an associate degree in Business Administration and Management from Schoolcraft College. He is based out of Kaseya’s Bowie, MD office.

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