Why MSPs Must Understand the M&A Landscape

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Why must all MSPs understand the industry’s M&A landscape, even if they are not actively seeking a deal? Because even if you’re standing pat, your competitors aren’t. Plus, if someone suddenly makes you an offer, you’ll want to know whether it really is too good to refuse.

During a recent webinar with MSP veteran Gary Pica of TruMethods, now a Kaseya company, we dove into how things look today on the M&A front and where they’re heading tomorrow. The M&A topic is more crucial than ever because the market is really heating up due to a few key factors.

The target market for MSPs is small and midsize businesses, and SMBs are continuing to increase their technology spending–even during the current economic downturn and recovery. SMBs will continue spending a larger percentage of their revenue each year as they revolutionize their systems.

This M&A spending is attracting attention, which means more money flowing into the space. Private equity firms are taking over software companies and the MSP channel, following the money that indicates growing opportunity.

At the same time, running and growing an MSP has become much more complex as customers demand an increasingly broader set of solutions. Providing a holistic, customizable offering requires investments in tools, technology and training, along with hiring staff with the right skills in a tight labor market.

Last, but certainly not least, MSPs and their clients are under near-constant attack. The quantity and quality of cybersecurity threats are increasing and evolving, spurred by higher-quality bad actors backed by deep pockets and foreign governments. Because 70% of security is hygiene, process, compliance and governance, MSPs are faced with the choice of growing and maturing their operations themselves, merging or partnering with a third party to get their security stance up to par, or doing nothing and take their chances.

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