6 Reasons Why MSPs Should Join Powered Services at Connect IT

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What is Powered Services? We’re the Channel Success & Marketing program supporting Kaseya MSPs. Who are we? We’re a team of 12+ members here. Our mission is to help MSPs get to market faster and sustain ongoing, profitable success in the channel by generating reliable monthly recurring revenue (MRR).

But enough about us. This is really about you, the MSP. Kaseya’s Global Connect IT event is happening in Las Vegas, NV, October 19-22, 2021. Whether you’re ready to join us in person or wish to participate virtually, we’re ready to host you.

Here are five MSP enablement sessions from Powered Services that are exclusive to the Connect IT event. Join us to learn from channel experts and former MSP CEOs on how you can:

1. Run Successful Post-Pandemic Lunch & Learns  

Discover proven strategies to turn your next event into a lead-generation activity without it being smarmy or uncomfortable. Attend this interactive session to get our playbook for Lunch and Learn success, hear best practices for landing warm leads from hosting this type of event and learn how co-hosting events with a JV Partner can help you capture higher quality leads. 

2. Host Webinars That Generate Hot Leads  

Ever wished you had a repeatable framework for webinar success? You won’t want to miss this session. Learn our Channel Success Team’s secrets for hosting webinars that generate high-value leads. Attend this session to receive the framework, emails, slide decks and coaching that have helped Powered Services Pro MSP customers generate ten leads per webinar that result in $5,000 to $10,000 in MRR. 

3. Supercharge MRR Growth With Powered Services Pro  

$200,000. That’s how much one Powered Services Pro MSP generated in MRR from a single Pro email sent to a cold lead earlier this year. If you aren’t a Powered Services Pro member yet, attend this session to discover how the Powered Services Pro program can help supercharge your sales and marketing efforts with monthly Content, Training, Coaching and extras. 

Want to start generating these results now? Ask your Kaseya Account Manager about Powered Services Pro. 

4. Turn Cold Leads Into Warm Leads With a Podcast 

If you’ve been wanting to launch a podcast but weren’t sure where to start, this is the session for you. Learn how a podcast can help you expand your community and warm up cold leads through engaging spoken content. We’ll share our Quick Start Podcast Roadmap with tech tips and communication templates and tools to help you go from podcast ideation to launch and promotion in just 30 days.  

5. Build the Perfect Agreement 

Every service provider must have a master agreement to limit its liabilities and manage its customers’ expectations. But where do you start? 

  • How do you structure your agreement and what should your agreement include? 
  • How much detail do you need and how much detail is too much?  
  • What provisions do you need to make sure that your company is protected from potential company-ending liability?  
  • If you already have an agreement, how do you know whether it adequately protects your company? 

You’ve got questions — and our expert has the answers. This interactive session will be led by our legal expert Brad Gross, who has counseled thousands of MSPs nationwide. Brad will reveal the contract-drafting strategies used by some of the biggest service providers in the world to help you ensure that your service agreements are in perfect legal shape. 

Listen to our podcast on the decline of service agreements to learn more now.

6. Protect Your Company From Declined Services & Other Situational Realities 

Let’s say your customer rejects your service recommendation and, sure enough, the “bad thing” you predicted would happen, actually happens. 

Predictably, your customer blames you. 

Now what? 

An upstream provider’s services fail and your customer wants to hold your MSP responsible.  

Are you liable for damages? 

Your customer unintentionally circumvents their managed security solution and now their network is crypto-locked.  

Who is responsible to fix such a situation?  

MSPs encounter these and dozens of other “situational realities” on a daily basis. However, they are usually ill-equipped to handle these issues. What can you do to protect your company from liabilities arising from “situational realities?” 

Join us for an interactive session led by Brad Gross, an internationally recognized legal expert in the Managed Service Provider industry, and learn about strategies you can implement immediately to properly handle situational realities and minimize your company’s liabilities. 

Secure Your Spot (in person or virtually) for Connect IT

Supercharge your sales and marketing strategy at Connect IT with these six sessions and take advantage of the opportunities to engage with our channel success team and other industry experts. It’s all happening at the 2021 Connect IT event. If you’re already a Powered Services Pro member, ask your Channel Success Manager how you can get a special Connect IT discount. If you aren’t a Powered Services Pro member yet, but want to learn more, ask your Kaseya Account Manager. To register now for Connect IT, click here

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