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Kaseya Leg Up Conference

As the “new normal” takes hold, MSPs must prepare to meet the demands and requirements of their clients and capture the market trends of a changing business environment. As part of Kaseya’s tradition of helping MSPs navigate economic and business challenges, the company is sponsoring Gradient MSP’s first annual partner conference, “Leg Up ’21”, in a virtual setting on November 17.

Here’s a look at what the event is all about and why you should sign up for it today.

What Is Leg Up ’21?

Gradient MSP is hosting Leg Up ’21 as an opportunity for MSPs to gain insights and knowledge from industry leaders and discover the best way to steer their business for maximum growth and success.
You should definitely attend the event if you feel your MSP has hit a plateau or is experiencing a slowdown in growth. The event will be an opportunity to meet experts and leaders who can help you identify valuable business opportunities and point you in the right direction. You’ll get to hear strategies, insights and tactics from a panel of experts, including Kaseya’s VP of Channel Success, Dan Tomaszewski.

There will be a discussion regarding the future of the MSP industry, including the steps MSPs can take to streamline and refine their IT channels. The goal is to establish a seamless collaboration with vendor partners in order to provide the best possible experience to clients even in the most challenging environments.

But that’s not all. Attendees also have the chance to win a ton of great prizes at the event.

Here are a few details about the speakers and what they will be talking about:

Colin Knox, CEO, Gradient

At the end of the keynote speech, Colin will introduce Gradient’s highly anticipated product, Billable. It’s a tool MSPs can leverage to automate their resale stack billing reconciliations, saving hours of tedious work while ensuring they get paid.

Dan Tomaszewski, VP of Channel Success, Kaseya

The pandemic has changed the global economies and business conditions significantly, and although things seem to be returning to normal now, they won’t go back to the way they were. In response, businesses have learned the importance of developing their IT infrastructure to deal with any eventuality, with a strong focus on cybersecurity and compliance going forward. MSPs will have to adapt to these changing trends and rethink the way they conduct their business.

In his talk, Dan will look at emerging trends and growth pockets within the MSP industry and share his predictions for the future. He will also discuss what MSPs should do to capture the next leg of growth. Don’t miss this!

Henry Washburn, Manager Sales Engineering, Huntress

Cybersecurity has been the headline news for the past few years and could continue to be so if the necessary security measures are not taken. As an MSP, you must put double the effort into enhancing your cybersecurity stack since you not only have to protect your own business but also your clients from crippling cyberattacks. In his presentation, Henry Washburn will share valuable insights on how to modernize your cybersecurity stack to defend against today’s sophisticated threats.

Joe Alapat, CEO, Liongard

Our post-pandemic world is moving toward a hybrid work environment. But what does this mean for MSPs? The purpose of Joe’s presentation will be to demonstrate how MSPs can identify and capture revenue opportunities while working from anywhere.

Rex Frank, VP of Academy, Pax8

Every now and then, businesses hit a plateau where even the best strategies and tactics fail to yield results. Despite how frustrating it can get, some sound thinking can help you break through your next business slowdown. In his presentation, Rex will talk about how to overcome this challenge and move ahead.

The Next Step…

Gradient Leg Up ’21 is a one-day virtual event that all MSPs should attend as we close out the year and prepare for the challenges and opportunities that await us in 2022. Staying ahead of the curve and a step ahead of your competitors is easy when you get a roadmap from industry experts in advance. So, don’t wait. Sign up today!

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