Powered Services Podcast: Is Your Sales Process Helping or Hurting Your MSP

When it comes to running your MSP, no one can understand the technical aspects better than you. But, like most MSPs, you might need a little help with the sales side of the business. 

Most MSPs struggle hard to achieve their desired recurring revenue. The problem lies in not selling enough and not attracting the right customers. In addition to this, most MSPs are not very well-versed in the various pricing strategies they can implement to maximize their profits. 

Do you have an efficient sales process in place? 

In order to get the most out of your sales efforts, you need to ensure that your team is not only good at technical services but also possesses the adequate skills to sell those services in the most efficient manner. Acing the sales game commands development of an additional skill set through education, time and practice. 

You need to take a practical approach to sales in order to bring new business to your MSP. For an MSP, sales is not just about closing deals, but identifying prospects that the MSP can successfully cater to, in due course. 

Developing an efficient sales process is critical to achieving your desired growth. You need to make sure that your prospects are a good fit for your business. While every MSP has its own variation of the sales process, here are the generic stages: 

  • Lead generation
  • Initial contact
  • Technical assessment
  • Presentation of results
  • Close

Standardization of the sales process provides accountability and structure to your MSP sales activities and leads to shorter sales cycles and higher win rates. 

Supercharge your MSP with a sales process that works for you 

Sales is warfare for most MSPs, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Armed with an efficient sales process, you can successfully hit your growth targets and take your business to new heights. 
To celebrate International Podcast Day, hosts Dan Tomaszewski and Will Bishop invite Founding Partner of audIT Sales Presentation System and President and Chief Technology Advisor of Two River Technology Group, Frank DeBenedetto, and President of Tekie Geek, Mike Bloomfield, on the show to share their insights and expertise on MSP sales. 

Mike and Frank share a wealth of insights on how they implement their proven sales strategy. Some of the key points discussed in the podcast include: 

  • Importance of a standard sales process
  • Ways to leverage technical assessment for finding the right customers  
  • Why not all revenue is good revenue
  • Selling to existing customers is easier than acquiring new ones
  • Consistency is key to successful marketing
  • Ways to approach a mid-contract change in stack
  • Great content is critical to efficient customer engagement

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