Top 3 Misconceptions MSPs Have About Marketing

Like any business, managed services providers (MSPs) can benefit greatly from investments in marketing. When done correctly, these investments can help an MSP reach out to potential new customers and reinforce its value proposition to existing customers, ultimately helping it accelerate to new heights.

However, good marketing is often easier said than done — as many business owners quickly find out. What’s more, there are many common misconceptions that those new to marketing may have about the best ways to generate new leads and how quickly they can expect to see results generated from their efforts. 

Here are some common misconceptions that MSPs may encounter as they build out their marketing practices.

Myth #1: Producing content generates immediate results. Those who work in marketing will often hear that content is king. However, many often think that just one LinkedIn post or a single quality blog will generate hundreds of new leads. Unfortunately, even with the best content, that isn’t true. Where the true impact lies with content is consistency. Whether it’s a podcast, blogs, infographics, or another form of content, it will take time and consistency to raise brand awareness through content. However, the reward is there over the long term for those MSPs that take the time to repeat their key messages and value proposition through content consistently.

Myth #2: Community events, BNIs, and Chambers are a waste of time. While there are many ways to meet potential customers in today’s digital world, there is no replacement for face-to-face interaction and leveraging your community to gain leads and referrals. Every MSP says, “I don’t do marketing. I grow my business off of referrals.” But that’s exactly what BNIs and Chambers are for. MSPs are hesitant to join these community groups because their members may be on the smaller side, but think about this: Who do they know? What businesses are in their networking circle? By connecting with members of these groups, MSPs have the chance to get their brand in front of more people, build new connections and relationships, and gain leads and referrals in the process.

Myth #3: Webinar leads don’t convert. Webinars are a popular marketing tool to generate new leads, but there is a common misconception that these leads don’t convert into new customers. However, the latest stats show that 95 percent of marketers see webinars as important to their marketing efforts and that conversion rates in 2022 were reported as high as 51 percent. If MSPs aren’t converting webinar leads into customers, they should reassess their content. Is the right audience being targeted? Are the webinars educational? Are the webinar topics targeting the right people? Answering these questions can get to the bottom of any potential lead conversion issues. 
As customer technology needs continue to rise and the MSP market becomes more competitive, it has never been more critical for MSPs to invest in good marketing practices. Overcoming these common marketing misconceptions and pitfalls can help an MSP excel when it comes to finding new customers and help drive growth in the long term.

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