How MSPs Can Make Brand Messaging Stand Out From Competitors

Every managed service provider (MSP) needs to have a solid brand. Without one, an MSP may only be competing on price. In a competition between similarly competent MSPs, likability and memorability just might make all the difference. 

What makes any organization likable and memorable comes down to brand messaging. An organization’s brand encompasses its personality. It dictates what prospects think of that business, the language they expect from it, the visuals they use to recognize it and the feelings they associate with it. 

Brand messaging is anything an organization uses to communicate its brand, including logos, frequently used colors, language, font choices, visuals and any other design choices made in an organization’s outward-facing media. 

What consistent brand messaging looks like 

The priority in brand messaging is consistency. Because a brand is a business’s personality, an MSP with inconsistent brand messaging will have results similar to a person who behaves inconsistently: The MSP will either leave a wrong impression or no impression at all. 

For an MSP, the first step toward consistent brand messaging is to ensure its website, social media, newsletters and messages all have similar wording. For example, if the website has formal and professional wording, all other messaging should use that language style. If the website leans toward a friendly or caring tone, so should all other messaging. 

Slogans and taglines should also remain consistent. Not only should they match the tone of the language style the MSP uses, but they should also be worded in the same way across all communication channels. 

Visual consistency is also important. Use the same fonts, colors and logos for all communication channels. Pictures used on social media should also match the tone of the overall brand. In other words, pictures posted should elicit similar feelings to what the rest of the brand elicits. 

How to create a memorable brand 

Once the MSP has a good idea of what its brand is, everyone in the business must get on the same page. Creating a document of brand standards is an excellent way to help everyone involved understand what the brand stands for. 

A brand standards document should include the company’s fonts, colors, logos, slogans and language standards. Everyone that is involved in external communications should understand the brand concept and apply it. Brands tend to evolve, so updating the document yearly is an excellent way to keep up with the times. 

For an MSP to stand out from the competition, it must elicit positive and memorable impressions from those outside the organization, especially potential clients. To produce these impressions, everyone involved in external communication must work together to ensure the brand is applying consistent visuals and language across all platforms. 


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