The right career CHANGES LIVES. It opens the door to achievement, growth, and experiences that shape not only you, but all of those around you…

Fred Voccola

Fred Voccola

CEO Kaseya

The best part of leading an organization is the satisfaction that comes from the positive CHANGE I get to witness in our employees’ lives. I’ve seen people go from directionless job-seekers to purpose-driven leaders, from being stuck in one place to traveling the globe, all while building their skills and empowering their peers to grow. It’s truly the best thing to be a part of.

That’s what KASEYA is all about.

Holly Pateman

SVP, Product Marketing

Working at Kaseya has been like finding a four-leaf clover. Kaseya has opened up more opportunity for me to grow, learn, build my professional muscle and earn a life-altering income than I ever thought possible. I'm excited to be riding shotgun with this incredible team into a very bright future.

Anita Golden

Anita Golden

Senior Director, Account Management

Joining the #Rocketship at Kaseya after leaving the fitness industry turned out to be one of the best career decisions I could have made. I've not only been promoted three times in 18 months but have been provided with opportunities unlike any I'd experienced before based on merit and performance. I have appreciated the transparency and radical candor that is demonstrated daily throughout the leadership. Moral of the story, don't be afraid to start something new.

Jose Bendito

Jose Bendito

Customer Success Engineer

I came from Venezuela seven years ago escaping from a horrible dictatorship. No one except for Kaseya gave me the opportunity to prove my value. I started my Kaseya journey three years ago as an intern in the Support Team. I rapidly learned, grew, and became an L2 Specialist in less than two years. This year I got the opportunity to join the Customer Success Engineering team. Working in Kaseya has been nothing but a great and rewarding experience. I come here happy every day to give my 1000% and I love my job as a CSE.

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"When I first joined the team at Kaseya as an account manager in 2020 I had just become a single dad with primary custody of my son. I was overwhelmed by financial burden and a loss of direction in my life. Kaseya changed my life because this place has offered me the opportunity to develop my skill set, grow in leadership, perform at a high level and be rewarded because of it. I am a manager now with a growing career in tech."

Adam Bieber, Senior Manager, Account Management

"If you would've told me two years ago that I would be kickstarting my career at a tech company in the heart of Miami making exorbitant amounts of money—I would've roared with laughter. But here I am, (occasionally pinching myself because it still doesn't feel real) with a heart full of gratitude because it's not just a tech company—it's a family. A family that accepted me with open arms and helped shape someone who was "just a barber from New Jersey" into a professional salesperson."

Matthew Poggi, Associate Manager, Account Management

"Kaseya helped me believe I can be a successful woman in business by providing awesome role models. I was recently promoted to manager, and it proves to me that Kaseya sees me as an asset and that I'm awesome at what I do."

Maria Paula Murillo, Senior Manager of Sales Operations

"My time at Kaseya has changed my life because it rekindled my love for sales that previous jobs had made me forget. It has also given me opportunities and opened doors for my career that I never expected to reach so soon."

Nicholas Quiroga, Manager, ID Agent

Kaseya is a place where successes and failures are welcomed, not feared. A home where company culture is not just a sentence in a handbook but the way our team behaves when no one is looking. From the CEO all the way down to your desk neighbor you know they are all going to listen to you and stand in your corner.

The excitement and support that our team exhilarates when our colleagues close a deal is something I have never experienced before in any other company. We celebrate the highs together and support each other through the lows. It’s such a good feeling knowing I’m never in this alone.

I am so excited to continue my journey with Kaseya this year in my new role on the strategic team!

Emiliana Alvarez, Principal Account Manager

"My life changed forever after being hired at Kaseya. I was hired as an entry level account manager to now today leading an Account Management organization of 45+ people. There is no denying what is happening here at Kaseya. So many of our key leadership were promoted from within. Rather than tenure, the key for growth here is production."

Dwayne Golden Jr., Associate Vice President, Account Management

"My time at Kaseya has changed my life because it gave me the opportunity to progress my career at lightning pace. If I had stayed in my previous organization, it would have taken me years to move into sales leadership. Kaseya gave me the opportunity to progress but equally the necessary support required to be successful as well."

Seán Carrol, Manager, Talent Acquisition

"My time at Kaseya has changed my life because I learned here how a healthy company culture fosters meaningful relationships among all the employees which helps me to boost my productivity in my work. I feel very happy and confident as every time my views and suggestions are considered equally important and valuable. I feel very proud to be part of this Kaseya family."

Ashish Chandel, Lead Software Engineer

"My time at Kaseya has changed my life by/because...

5 years, 3 countries, 1 dog, and an opportunity of a lifetime.

My journey with Kaseya started back in our Miami HQ in 2017 and has now taken me to live in countries like New Zealand and now Australia to help build up our Account Management and Sales team from the ground-up. Having the opportunity to learn first-hand the challenges and opportunities that come with rebuilding the APAC region alongside Dermot McCann is an experience that has been truly unforgettable and invaluable. To think that this is just the beginning of what's to come and now joined by our new family members in Datto, the Rocketship will only continue to go up from here."

Carlos Rodriguez, Manager, APAC

"I was so nervous during my first interview. I came from a recruiting background and barely knew how to use a computer. I was equally terrified and excited when I found out I got the job. Little did I know it would change my life. A year later I accepted the “Salesperson of the Year” award from our CCO, CJ Wimley! That has always been the Kaseya way. Put in the work and the company will be there to support you. Two years, two promotions, and an MBA degree later, my life looks completely different."

Jonathan Senk, Manager, Account Management

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