Patch Management With Intel

Strong patch compliance is the first line of defense in the war against ransomware. About 50% of ransomware attacks are successful because end users block patches.

IT teams often find it challenging to make informed patching decisions due to multiple conflicting patch and vulnerability data sources. Moreover, many organizations still use spreadsheets to track critical vulnerabilities, affected devices and patch availability. It further complicates the task.

Sign up for this webinar to learn tips and tricks on automating manual and often confusing patch management practices. We will discuss the following:

How patching is the best defense against cyber criminals

  • Why achieving patch compliance is a tough task
  • Using CVSS and CVE scores to ensure the most critical patches are applied
  • How to radically improve your patch deployment success rate
  • How to use best-in-class endpoint management solutions to turn a PC on in the middle of the night, patch it and turn it off again

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