Kaseya for Financial Institutions

Kaseya helps to provide best-in-class compliance and automation processes for financial institutions.

Meet Complex IT Systems Management Needs of Financial Institutions

The financial services industry is very competitive, highly regulated, and constantly evolving. With Kaseya VSA, mid-sized financial institutions can be confident of meeting IT challenges - all without breaking the bank.

  • Rapidly discover and standardize new IT networks from M&A activity
  • Efficiently support new branch offices or ATM locations
  • Meet heightened security and compliance requirements
  • Ensure your ATMs are always up and available for your customers

Reliable, Fast Device and Network Management

Banking systems are spread over multiple branches and ATM locations. As devices and networks grow, so does the complexity of managing these systems. Kaseya streamlines IT monitoring and management, allowing you to discover, monitor, and secure your network and devices quickly and easily, even when your IT environment is complex and distributed.

  • Improve IT efficiency through automation
  • Manage patches and deploy software remotely
  • Conduct fast, effective root cause analysis
  • Quickly fulfill IT audit reporting requirements
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Document IT Value to Stakeholders

Financial institutions depend on a robust and agile IT infrastructure at every stage of operations – as lending officers process loans, customers access ATMs, new branches are established, and so forth.

With Kaseya VSA, IT departments can not only support these strategies for growth, they can also easily document their value to all stakeholders.

With Kaseya the only limitations are the confines of your imagination.”

Kaseya’s Automation Platform now underpins Knowledge I.T’s flagship OneTouch service to monitor and manage the networks of its 70 plus managed service customers. The Kaseya system has allowed Knowledge I.T to transform its service from reactive, to truly proactive network monitoring – enabling the MSP to identify and rectify incidents before any service disruption occurs.

Mike Hoy
Service Director, Knowledge I.T