Kaseya® BMSCRM

A Next-Gen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution for MSP

Maximize your relationships with customers and prospects by keeping track of current accounts, new revenue possibilities, and all past communications in one, simple-to-use system.

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Keep Track of Your Entire Sales & Customer Pipeline

Kaseya BMS is the Next-Gen business management solution, that is built on a modern mobile platform that provides:

  • Fast deployment of new services
  • Web-based access anywhere, any time
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Flexible reporting
  • Open integration with major RMM and accounting systems

CRM Solution

Kaseya BMS CRM allows you to manage the business relationship and interactions you have with customers, prospects, vendors, etc., and store all the data about these relationships. These interactions can be sales related—calls, emails, meetings and demonstrations—as well as support related—service tickets and projects. The benefit of a CRM is having all your business data stored and accessible from one central location. The CRM module provides:

  • Immediate employee access to the data they need
  • Sharing of important data between departments
  • Management insight into activity across the organization and helps them understand where they can improve processes
  • Customers are first added as accounts in CRM. After that you can create projects, open tickets, and set up contracts on their behalf


Kaseya BMS makes it easier to maintain your account profiles for every organization you do business with. This includes clients, prospects, vendors, competitors, former clients, business partners, and miscellaneous organizations. You can add contacts to these accounts, who are the individuals that the sales team work with to sell products and services. These are the people that your project team is delivering a completed project to. These are the people that are calling you for support and who you are opening tickets for.


Part of the sales process is sending your prospects or customers a quote for your products and services. A sales quote allows the prospective buyer to see the cost for the products and services and make a decision. Kaseya® BMS™ allows you to generate Quotations that are linked to your opportunities. You can setup and manage both:

  • Service Quotations &
  • Product Quotations