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Maximize Your Customer Relationships with Kaseya BMS CRM

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CRM with Full Visibility in a Centralized Location

relationship management
Relationship Management

Maintain all your account profiles for every associated organization including clients, prospects, vendors, competitors, former clients, business partners, and others.

centralized data
Centralized Data

All your business data stored and accessible from one central location where you can see every communication with a customer.

customer satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Improve customer satisfaction by having full visibility into all customer communications to quickly respond to customer needs.


Central location to collaborate on activities, opportunities, quotes, and sales orders.

What Can Customer Relationship Management do for me?

BMS offers a comprehensive and easy to use CRM that helps you focus on the sales journey from start to finish. Track customer communication, set tasks, and see potential sales pipeline while working collaboratively with all departments.

Visibility and Collaboration

Share important data between departments and see the full view of communications with a customer.

Visibility of Sales Cycle

Management gains insight into activities across the organization.

Account Management

Easily maintain your account profiles for every organization you do business with. Add contacts to accounts that the sales team speak with about new products and services. Add contacts your project team works with on projects and those who open up support tickets and work with your technicians to solve their IT problems.


Generate quotations that are linked to your opportunities. You can setup and manage both service and product quotes.

The 20

Featured Case Study

MSP in a Box Ditches ConnectWise - Switches to BMS by Kaseya

The 20, an MSP group, did not switch from ConnectWise to BMS by Kaseya just for itself. The company acts as an MSP in a box, and the many MSP partners that form The 20 now leverage the on-demand BMS infrastructure The 20 has adopted.

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PSA Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Right Solution for Your Business

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PSA Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Right Solution for your Business

Your business has evolved. Has your PSA solution kept up? Next-generation PSA solutions offer managed services providers (MSPs) an alternative to older systems that no longer satisfy customer demands as well as a way to facilitate future expansion. A next-generation PSA solution offers everything you need to optimize your organization, but knowing what to look for in a solution is key. Download this ebook to discover key factors to consider when evaluating PSA solutions.

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