Kaseya® BMSInventory

A Complete Inventory Management Solution for MSP

Track inventory, procurement or vendor issues in real-time so you can always stay on top of any issues that come up, as well as make better plans in the future.

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Stay on top of Your Inventory - Products, Purchase Orders & Activities

Kaseya BMS is the Next-Gen Inventory management solution, that is built on a modern mobile platform that provides:

  • Fast deployment of new services
  • Web-based access anywhere, any time
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Flexible reporting
  • Open integration with major RMM and accounting systems

Inventory Management

Kaseya BMS comes with an Inventory Module that helps you:

  • Store Inventory in Multiple locations
  • Maintain Products Lists so you can:
    • Manage the Inventory Process (maintain levels of Inventory, Generate Purchase Orders and Replenish Stock)
    • Use as Products Catalog so you can create Quotes in the CRM

Kaseya BMS Inventory Dashboard provides instant access to inventory activities requiring attention, that shows:

  • purchase order amounts by status
  • purchase order counts by status

Kaseya BMS lets you completely manage your inventory products and makes it hassle-free to add, edit or remove products from the inventory. Once a product record is created you can:

  • Assign and adjust quantities of products in inventory storage locations
  • Procure products using purchase orders
  • Add products to tickets as charges
  • Add products to tickets as charges
  • Add products to sales orders

Purchase Orders

This feature creates an order to purchase products from a supplier. The purchase order includes product quantities, an expected delivery date, the delivery location, and prices for each product in the purchase order. On delivery the inventory storage quantities are incremented. Payment terms usually specify an agreed to number of days after delivery for payment. The supplier sends an invoice, which is matched against the delivery record, then processed by your company to pay the supplier.