BMS IT Project Management

IT Project Management

Finally. A Project Management Solution for Today’s MSP

Effectively staff projects and get real-time project status reports, while also improving forecasting through comprehensive project management.

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Kaseya BMS is the Next-Gen project management solution, that is built on a modern mobile platform that provides:

  • Fast deployment of new services
  • Web-based access anywhere, any time
  • Virtually unlimited scalability
  • Flexible reporting
  • Open integration with major RMM and accounting systems

Product Features

Kaseya BMS is the most functionally rich business management solution on the market today – All at one low price

  • Quickly create new projects by copying an existing project or template project.
  • The All Projects page lists all projects currently being used. Projects are removed from the page when archived. By default, the search filter does not include template projects.
  • Supports dependencies between tasks, unique deadlines for each task, and can coordinate the allocation of resources and service calls across multiple projects and tasks.
  • Each project provides a complete financial summary of the costs and pricing associated with that project.
  • All labor time entries, expenses, and charges applied to a project are tracked by the Finance module for both billing and reporting purposes.
  • Projects can be created from a service quotation and linked to a corresponding contract. The method used to bill a project depends on the contract linked to the project. If no contract is linked, the project is billed on a time and materials basis.
  • Expenses can be entered into a project. Alternatively, users can enter an expense on an expense-sheet and link it to a project.
  • Products required to complete the project are entered using a charge. Charged products can be added to the customer hardware assets or software assets.

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