Netflow Analysis

Traverse provides seamless drill‐down from system and device-level monitoring to troubleshooting and analysis

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Discovery and Inventory for Easy IT Asset Management

Network Visability
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See your entire IT environment. Discover computers and network devices on individual networks or entire domains. See all your endpoints on the network topology map. See asset status at a glance.

Keep your Network Organized
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Organize machines in groups and manage based on set policy.

Be in control with Discovery and Inventory Tools
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Automatically deploy agents to discovered endpoints to enable IT automation and remote management.

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Automatically discover all endpoints on the network. Reduce manual effort and free up time.

Quickly Identify Impacted Services

Traverse supports integration with network flow and packet level data collection tools to provide seamless drill‐down from system and device-level monitoring to troubleshooting and analysis using flow and packet data.

This capability allows IT managers to drill down from a high level service-centric view to the specific host that is consuming bandwidth or resources. This seamless integration enables quick identification of impacted IT Services (what is affected), trouble areas (where to look) and problem sources (what to analyze further).

When service performance problems are detected, operations personnel can quickly analyze the flow data to identify abnormal traffic volume and traffic type that might be causing the performance degradation.

Supported protocols that provide the required flow data are NetFlow, sFlow, cflowd, and J‐Flow.

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Netflow Analysis

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