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Help Desk & Ticketing

Keeping track of incoming service tickets and help desk requests can be a challenge that often takes a great deal of time. Making sure customers get the right support at the right time – and that hours are accurately tracked – can also bring more headaches than speedy issue resolutions without adequate tools in place.

A complete help desk and ticketing solution that is fully integrated into your overall business management platform streamlines the entire process to enable you to spend less time tracking tickets and more time focusing on the big picture of your business.

Vorex - My Tickets Screen

With Vorex’s Help Desk and Ticketing functionality, companies can:

  • Create and track tickets from any input, as well as escalate issues as-needed
  • Respond to customer requests to let them know issues are being handled
  • Accurately capture every issue and each billable hour across the account
  • Create incident reports and add notes, including emails
  • Match the proper personnel with each incident to ensure issue resolution
  • Schedule technicians for any tasks

Vorex gives you an easy way to track service tickets through to completion, resulting in improved customer service and greater profitability. Never lose sleep again over the possibility of unbilled hours for a project or risk leaving money on the table.