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Online Project Management

Small to medium-sized business (SMB) owners – particularly agency owners – struggle to gain insight into their ongoing projects. With team members across the company working on numerous projects in various states of completion, getting a handle on where things stand at any given time is difficult.

With Vorex, agencies and other SMBs gain real-time visibility into a project’s status in an easy-to-use dashboard. Project managers and business owners can more effectively staff projects, improve forecasting and get detailed reporting and insights that will help them make better project decisions.

Vorex - Project Dashboard

Vorex’s project management software helps business owners:

  • Keep projects on-time and on-budget
  • Gain insight into who’s doing what and who can take on new work
  • Learn what the most profitable types of projects are for the company
  • Know where new staff is needed – and where to make cuts
  • Easily manage workflows and properly allocate resources
  • Better align the right staff with the right projects

Improved insight from Vorex’s project management software can help free up business owners’ time so they can focus on strategic planning and the bigger picture to ensure company success. Wouldn’t you rather be chasing your dreams than a progress report?

Hours Tracking

Vorex’s simple, easy-to-use online project management solution helps project managers better monitor and evaluate projects based on cost, benefits, staffing and long-term impacts through features such as time and project tracking, forecasting, invoicing and billing and resource allocation. Perhaps the most important benefit an SMB will reap from using Vorex’s project tracking tool is increased collaboration, efficiency and profitability in their projects.