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Get the Power of Kaseya VSA’s Network Antivirus Capabilities

Administrators can configure and deploy Kaseya Network Antivirus across the network while providing real-time status updates and alerts to ensure maximum security.

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VSA Antivirus

Kaseya Antivirus for Windows workstations and servers provides complete endpoint protection.

Keep Your Network Secure

What sets Kaseya Antivirus apart from stand-alone solutions is the embedded integrated approach with the worlds most powerful AV providers. Leverage and combine webroot, kaspersky, bitdefender, ESET and more for workstations and servers, providing complete endpoint protection from dangerous attacks and malicious software all managed from the centralized Kaseya VSA solution.


Profile Configuration

Kaseya Antivirus provides a flexible interface for defining options for that can be applied to a single machine or group of computers. Windows servers and workstations have separate groups of profiles and configure the endpoint’s options.

  • Launch at startup
  • Security level
  • Folder exclusions
  • Trusted applications
  • Enabled components
  • Deep configuration
  • Quick scans
  • Support for Proxy Settings
  • Updates configuration

Kaspersky Engine

Kaseya Antivirus embeds the industry leading Kaspersky Labs Endpoint Security 10 (KES 10) for Windows workstation and for File Servers (MP4). All administrative tasks are managed within the Kaseya console.

  • Real-time antivirus protection and on-demand scanning
  • Quick scanning of critical system areas
  • Prevention of malware epidemics
  • Automatic isolating infected computers
  • System recovery after infection
  • Load balancing and performance configuration
  • Compact updates
  • Device Control disabling and controlling external devices
  • Anti-Spyware features that block phishing attacks

License Management

Kaseya Antivirus automated license management includes separate pools for File Servers and Workstations. It provides a flexible interface for metering and managing a pool of licenses that can distributed, reclaimed, redeployed and extended across the network.

Unlike other antivirus vendors, the licenses are managed from the point of time of install rather than on a yearly basis for all seats maximizing your license investment.

This means that licenses purchased can sit unused until you actually need them. They only expire once they are used thereby greatly maximizing your investment.

Column Sets

Pre-defined column sets display specific antivirus details across the list of machines currently shown.

  • Component status showing enabled, disabled, or in error
  • Detections found on each machine by type and action
  • Version of the components and virus signature database
  • Scans status and last scan dates for the different types of scans
  • Installation (and installation status)
  • Licensing counts
  • Definitions out of date
  • Reboot required
  • Profile Compliance Issues

Advanced Installation Options

For the endpoint installation, many new options are included for configuring the endpoint installation.

  • Reboot if needed
  • Prompt user for approval
  • Skip if offline
  • Endpoint password for uninstall and change option

Property Sheet

A dockable, tabbed property sheet displays antivirus status information for a selected Windows device.

  • OS Type
  • Installation
  • Scan Status
  • Version


A configurable Dashboard allows administrators to define named dashboard sets that highlight key antivirus status and metrics.

  • License Expiration
  • License Summary
  • Items Needing Attention
  • Machines with Detections
  • Protection Status
  • Top Threats

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