VSA Audit and Inventory

Audit & Inventory

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Schedule audits with the Audit and Inventory feature of VSA by Kaseya

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Inventory Discovery

Discover all assets from a single pane

  • LAN and domain discovery
  • Full fingerprinting including OS, host-names, and services
  • Cross-subnet scanning
  • On/Off-network device discovery
Database Inventory


Machines can be organized in groups. Each agent installed on a managed machine is assigned a unique machine ID/group ID name. Groups can be created and deleted by administrators.



Software/hardware information of every asset including applications installed and associated data can be viewed and grouped together in lists.


Dashboards give a quick view of the total systems’ statuses.


Through a simple View option built right into the Kaseya Portal, administrators can filter the list of machines displayed by any number of hardware, software or operating systems attributes.

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Create policies

Once policies are created and assigned to machines, these are propagated automatically, without further user intervention.

Detect change

Be alerted when configuration changes are made to any device on your network

Automate software management

Fully automate patch audits, deployment, rollback,
and history to prevent vulnerabilities and to ensure compliance

Inventory Reporting

Measure and communicate

Custom reports and dashboards

Always have the latest audit information available for any machine. Reports provide detailed comparisons between baseline and latest audits, giving you a clear view of any changes on a machine.

SLAs and RTOs

Measure compliance against defined SLAs and provide reports of compliance. Set and measure RTOs and provide a comprehensive audit report with the list of all the findings.

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Integration with Compliance Management solution

The Kaseya Compliance Manager integrated with VSA by Kaseya automates all of the assessment, risk analysis, network scanning and generates the required documentation to demonstrate compliance with various regulations.

Achieve Compliance and Avoid Fines with the Kaseya Compliance Manager