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11 Ways to Defeat Your IT Demogorgons

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The Vale of Shadows or the Upside Down, as we know it, is eerily synonymous with the Dark Web. The Dark Web — a place just like the internet but much darker and colder, a sinister counterpart of the internet we know and inhabit. Along with the Dark Web comes the IT Demogorgons, lurking in the shadows and waiting for the one mistake that lets them tear down the boundaries between their territory and ours.

To take these IT Demogorgons down you must draw strength in numbers. Kaseya Automation Exchange lets you join a community of superheroes and unleash the power of hive mind by sharing resources and automating your IT business. To get an idea of what Automation Exchange holds in store, check out these 11 automation scripts that help you stay a step ahead of the IT Demogorgons.