5 Big Opportunities for MSPs

5 Big Opportunities for MSPs in 2019

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While there is already enough narrative out there on the services and technology that go into the making of a successful MSP, there is very little information on the changing trends that affect the demand & supply of these technologies. The best way to snag the attention of companies you want to land as clients is to stay current with their demands.

Join Howard M. Cohen, Redmond Channel Partner contributor and channel veteran, in a power packed webinar as he discusses five major opportunities available to MSPs in 2019 to establish their distinctiveness and drive new business. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Making multi-cloud solutions play well together – the cloud integrator/manager role
  • Emerging software developers who are enabling new services with new tools – broaden your portfolio
  • Since data is everything, the need for data scientists in the context of their high price tag grows
  • More ways to create your own salable intellectual property (IP) without coding
  • Driving operating costs down for you and your customers by leveraging automation and orchestration