Best Ways To Address Today’s Scale, Speed, And Cost Challenges For IT Ops

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Your business is under pressure from competitors, your customers demand more, and your IT organization is struggling to keep up. How do the nimble digital disruptors stay ahead? With a relentless focus on automation everywhere. Today’s automation solutions answer the fundamental issues of scale, speed, costs, and repeatable accuracy that organizations must resolve to stay competitive.

Mike Puglia, Chief Product Officer at Kaseya, with guest speaker Dave Bartoletti, Principal Analyst and author of the Forrester Automation Manifesto series, discuss how leading companies are automating to stay ahead. From low-level tasks to complex processes, and from the data center to the cloud to the desktop, companies of all sizes use automation to move faster, increase agility, and rein in costs.

Learn from the experts what you should be automating in 2016 and how to get started today.