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Closing the IT Resources Gap with Managed Services

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Skills are in short supply; management may have its heart set on using data analytics; it wants to ensure compliance for regulatory systems, it wants to plan for the future. IT Europa and Kaseya talk through the process of managing the process of change for staff, how to draw up a management plan for staff, spotting the gaps and matching resources to meet new demands. Gartner (Jan 2019) says this is one of the key issues – half of the IT workforce are under-skilled and cannot support digital initiatives. When it takes six months to hire externally, nine months to retrain, outsourcing to managed services looks more and more attractive. The key is presenting a skills and business alignment process

Especially in the IT sector, with the rapidly evolving infrastructure, the skills gap is a real concern to organizations making it difficult for them to innovate and grow. Globally, more than two-thirds of IT decision-makers have reported a gap between their team’s skill levels and the knowledge required to achieve organizational objectives.

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