CyberSecurity Risk - Growing Revenue with Security Complete

CyberSecurity Risk - Growing Revenue with Security Complete

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The threat to the digital landscape has considerably worsened in recent months as the ongoing pandemic has exposed IT teams to many new risks. Today’s remote working process has introduced several new cybersecurity risks, and this has highly impacted the developed countries in Asia Pacific that already have a well-established digital economy.
The time has come for organisations in countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, to take a more focused approach to prevent the cyberthreats looming over their markets. Before implementing the required strategies, organisations need to know the right technical approach they can take to combat various cybersecurity risks.

Join us for a LIVE discussion with guest host James Henderson, Editorial Director Asia, IDG; Craig Allen, General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan, Kaseya; Shane Hoffman, Regional Director, Bitdefender, and a special guest MSP trailblazer speaker, as we address the technical approaches and tools that businesses in Asia Pacific can take to secure their IT environment.

Join this LIVE webinar to learn about:

  • Top cybersecurity threats, including sophisticated phishing scams, targeted ransomware and “insider” threats
  • The technical approaches you should incorporate in your business to secure your IT environment
  • How you can build your ideal cybersecurity solution stack
  • How you can determine the right technologies required for the solution