Dr. Ranya Habash: HIPAA Compliance Risks That Can End Your Business

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If your organization stores or backs up any data related to medical information – for example, leave of absence data or healthcare claims associated with company personnel records, or if you’re an MSP, customer patient records – you’re subject to HIPAA regulations.

Further, if you store HIPAA-related data, you’re also a target for hackers. Medical data can be worth 10x more than credit card numbers to a cybercriminal.

HIPAA compliance failures and data breaches can end your business. Dr. Ranya Habash, Chief Medical Officer, Everbridge, delivered a riveting keynote on this topic at Connect IT Global, and in this new webinar she shared a doctor’s perspective on what you need to know NOW to understand and mitigate the risks related to HIPAA compliance.

You’ll learn:

  • How easy it is to fall out of compliance with HIPAA. No matter what your business – you can even be a subcontractor for a covered business associate – you are subject to HIPAA penalties for compliance failures.
  • How costly compliance failures can be. You can be fined a minimum of $100 per violation up to $50,000, even if you were unaware of and couldn’t have avoided breaking HIPAA rules. Penalties jump rapidly, and could put you out of business.
  • The upside to compliance for both internal IT and MSPs. In reducing risk, you become a trusted advisor – and more.

Learn from Dr. Habash’s unique perspective, and take away approaches to reduce your HIPAA compliance risk.