5 Effective Strategies for MSP Growth

Effective Strategies for MSP Sustainability & Growth

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The world is changing fast and COVID-19 will have both short- and long-term effects on MSPs. Watch our webinar on Effective Strategies for MSP Sustainability and Growth and you’ll benefit from tips and advice on how to sustain your business during the crisis.

The webinar is hosted by Fiona Challis, Channel & MSP Sales Expert and Rachael Chipman, MSP Product Marketing Director at Kaseya. Learn how to protect your recurring revenue streams, avoid losing sales and how to ensure your sales teams have the right sales skills, message and approach to continue developing a solid future sales pipeline in these turbulent times.

Some of the questions addressed include:

  • In light of the pandemic should my sales team still be prospecting and cold calling?
  • What marketing you should instantly stop doing and what you need to start doing
  • How to avoid losing sales and preserve your IT services business.
  • How to demonstrate & bring more value to every customer
  • 3 things you absolutely need to communicate to your customers right now