Everything MSPs Want To Know About Cloud Computing... But Are Afraid To Ask

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Sometimes the questions that bother us the most are the questions we think we can’t ask. Not so for this webcast.

No managed services or cloud computing topic is off limits as Charles Weaver, CEO and founder of MSPAlliance, and Miguel Lopez, Senior Technical Director at Kaseya, tackle some of the more popularly held beliefs about MSPs and cloud computing. They cut through the hype to identify the real value on the table, and help make sense of how cloud computing can fit into any MSP’s business development plans.

Questions they consider include:

  • Is there a difference between an MSP and a CSP?
  • What are the business models for cloud computing?
  • Which cloud vendors can I trust?
  • Do I need insurance for cloud solutions?
  • What types of service contracts should I be using?