GDPR: The Opportunities and Risks for MSPs

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With GDPR taking effect soon, your clients trust that you should understand the new rules and will be able to help them avoid any fees associated with non-compliance.

In this webinar we cover how MSPs can keep current with these new rules and even remain in compliance for themselves, while also earning a profit from this huge — and growing — opportunity.

Listen to Jim Sneddon, Founder of Assuredata and GDPR expert, together with Mark Winter, VP Sales at RapidFire Tools and Tracy Hernandez, Product Marketing Manager at Kaseya, as they discuss:

  • The basics of GDPR
  • Description of issues and challenges faced by your clients and prospects to remain compliant with these standards
  • Risks and penalties faced by clients in the event of a breach
  • Services that MSPs can offer today around compliance with their existing staff